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Drug samples stored in sales rep garages and living rooms!

The Prescription Drug Marketing Act states that all drug samples have to be stored by manufacturers or sales representatives under conditions that will maintain their stability, integrity, and effectiveness and will assure that the drug samples are free of contamination, deterioration, and adulteration.

The Act also states that drug manufacturers or distributors shall conduct at least annually complete and accurate inventories of all drug samples in the possession of manufacturers and sales reps.

The reality is that every day drug reps store box after box filled with drugs that can be lethal to any two-year old in living rooms and garages. Those garages may in the summer reach a temperature of 120 degrees F. Hardly a suitable place.

How do we know this? Novartis sales reps are spilling their guts, over here.

In light of these shocking new allegations the American public has a new worry: Are drug samples safe to use?

Would you use a drug that has been sitting in someone's private garage for six months?

I certainly wouldn't.


Blogger Pharma Spy said...

Sure, your garage gets hot. Bow 'bout the trunk of a car in the middle of summer?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luckily, my company pays for controlled storage for my Zyrtec Syrup.

I don't think it will have an effect on pills so much unless we're talking a pill with a liquid center.

I'm just personally concerned about the different syrups that will be given to children.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

During the summer in South Texas, the interior of a closed auto reaches over 150°F. Most samples are supposed to be stored at no more than 86°F and many at 76°F. Very few drug drug companies furnish ice chests for storing samples with Blue Ice (or equivalent) to protect the samples. I have been doing this on my own expence since the early 80's. A friend of mine with a company where he furnished his own car, had the entire trunk insulated with spray foam and tossed a couple of Blue Ice packs in every day in hot weather.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Samples need to be discontinued altogether! ship them directly from manufacturer! we keep them in our garages; overheated cars and my friend found BUGS in hers!! this isnt just novartis but all reps that sample; i drove by a drug reps house one time and they had all their samples in the garage door wide open and no cars around and no one home!"


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