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Drugwonks is the spokesblog for Big Pharma. Today they acknowledged a number of stories on Question Authority. I guess this little blog is really, really getting to them boys behind those dark, heavy, oak doors . . .

As to what Robert Goldberg is trying to say, that is a bit hard to figure out. But I think he is really, really, upset the FDA didn't approve Pfizer's maraviroc. What do you think?

State of Fear at the FDA
Robert Goldberg

What's up with the FDA issuing an approvable letter on maraviroc? Well according to Peter Rost (who should know since he is the master of manipulating golden parachutes for himself. Rost's next book: How To Collect Fat Paychecks From ShortHills By Suing Those You Work For) it was to allow outgoing Pfizer R and D execs to short their options. Yeah right. And all those imported drugs made in China ARE safe, just like the toothpaste and petfood.

Anyways, if you were an FDA drug reviewer you now have two choices: become a snitch for Senator Grassley or Congressman Waxman or simply wait till the very last minute to approve a drug. You never know when -- in the words of the owner of the Steven E. Nissen Healthy Heart Fund -- you might be approving another 9=11.

Maraviroc was a targeted therapy for people facing multiple drug resistant HIV...but hey, what's a few months while the FDA sorts out an even lower incidence of liver problems than Tylenol? We now live in a country where in some parts you have to be 19 to buy cold medicines with dextromethorphan. That's right folks, you can fight for your country but you can't buy Robitussin.

The infantilization of American continues apace.



Blogger John Mack said...

What a wanker!

The amazing thing is, very few people in the pharmaceutical industry actaully read Drug Wonks. Only 6.5% of the pharmaceutical company respondents to my reader survey on Pharma Marketing Blog say they read Drug Wonks at least once per week. 20% read Question Authority and 29% read PharmaGossip (just as a comparison). And 85% of these people are somewhat/very supportive of the industry!

If pharma industry people aren't reading Drug Wonks, who is?

I think it's mostly us!

Frankly, we give them too much play. Better to ingnore them like most of the drug industry seems to be doing!

Anonymous Alex said...

Robert he any relation to the half-wits Lucienne or Jonah?

He's probably compensating for lack of something in other areas. Another barking poodle.

Btw, had an interesting experience at the HuffPo celebrity journalism opinion site yesterday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an idiot my dog could write better and make more sense and usually does. There are more problems with Pfizer's new drug and they need to be ironed out. If they areconfident in their ability to develop safe new drugs then they should prove it and if more is needed they should have no trouble making their case. It is well documented Pfizer is inept at bringing new drugs to market and rarely gets the nod first time your homework drug wanker...


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