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I was just told the next whistleblower story . . .

. . . but the individual wants to wait and see if the company does the right thing.

So I can't talk about it.

If the company doesn't react, you can be sure, you'll read about it right here on Question Authority.

What a brave new world.

Bloggers aiming a gun at corporate compliance departments:

Do your job or we'll write the story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tough going don't count on Pfizer doing the right thing ever. If you do it be prepared for a tough time and the possibility your career will be over and it will cost you money if they find out. I wish it were simple and doing the right thing was what Pfizer wants but reality kinda sucks.

a Rost source

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo for this post. Where do u get them from?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a current Pfizer sales rep, I have days where I feel dead inside. The morale is so low; most of the reps I know are looking for other jobs. So why do i stay when I have ZERO faith or trust in leadership OR legal or HR? Because I get to come home and read about the next wb story, and chuckle...I stay because it is my mission to guide my colleagues, customers, family and friends to your the truth about what a repulsive and unethical company I work for!! I take great pride in knowing I have steered a # of people to my east coast lawyer friends, and I continue to document the hell out of the place and it's immoral activities.

I do not know who this story is referring to..but i am quite confident that we will hear all about it..Pfizer won't do the right thing, they never do...they are too focused on putting out fires by retaliation and intimidation to fix what/who is actually wrong w/this once great organization. So off I go to document the off-label promotion, refer the names of the fired and harassed to my lawyer friends..and enjoy the heck out of your blog.

Peter, you will never know how much you are admired and respected by so many at Pfizer; it is extremely difficult to fight one of the richest companies in the world. So THANK YOU Peter, thank you!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the days when I thought you could wait on a company to do the right thing. Guess it all depends on how you feel about spending eternity with the status quo!

Take aim, Peter. I suspect you'll get to write the story.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they can cover it up or if they think the evidence is not absolute or if they think the law is too weak on on their side, they will do the right thing FOR THEMSELVES. The WB may be "thanked" for his/her service to the company and pushed out rightaway or over time.
It does not have to be Pfizer. The others are as bad. Take a pick at the list of companies in the post re who is watching this blog and anyone is a good choice. I bet that it will be one of the first 6 on that list.
Looking forward to this Doc.
By the way doc, do your "visitors" aslo read the comments? Can you tell?

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Oh yes, the visitors read the comments . . .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PR said.. this is good news. By reading everything on your blog,the bigpharma wise guys will learn that the army of whistleblowers is growing and is on the move, with directions from Question Authority HQ. Soon they will not be able to get away with anything and since the authorities are also watching they will have the good source of info and road maps to successfull outome.
The ideal situation would be for the big pharma to be so much aware of the phenomenon of whistle blowing that they become literaly paranoid about it. Meaning they would see a potential whistleblower in every employee, save those who are just like them and they can trust them, if a paranoid can ever trust anyone? Once this happens, those involved in wrongdoings would think many times before they plan and excute it by giving orders to say reps to carry the plans out (off label, falls claims, bribes) knowing that everyone of them can be a potential WS.
Not a good prospect for the future is it Mr. Bigpharma VISITOR?


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