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Are you a lawyer? AstraZeneca will hire you as sales director!

AstraZeneca is a company which is taking unprecedented action to discipline its Oncology sales force. Normally lawyers are overseeing what sales reps do. Now AstraZeneca is replacing the sales force with lawyers.

Mike Zubillaga, AstraZeneca's fired Oncology Regional Sales Director has been replaced by Rose Ann Scanlon.

Scanlon was promoted to Regional Sales Director for the Mid-Atlantic Business Center effective June 1.

Having been with AZ and its predecessor companies for 14 years, Scanlon most recently served as Senior Director, Promotional Regulatory Affairs (PRA). Prior to PRA, she serviced as Assistant General Counsel in the Legal Department for six years. During this time, she led a team which served many areas of the US and global businesses, including Oncology and CNS therapeutic areas. Prior to joining AZ, Rose Ann was an associate at a Philadelphia law firm.

Scanlon has a J. D. from Villanova and B.S. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Delaware. Scanlon and her husband enjoy spending time with their son and two daughters biking and playing in the sand at the shore.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been a long list of issues for a at least the last 3 years at the Mid- Atlantic Business Center at AstraZeneca. They either need the lawyer to change it or to better cover it up. Many issues have been reported yet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HIPPA Class 101: Leverage the doctor/patient relationship to gain market share.
Manager shares with employees that physician customer is also a psychiatric patient of Dr. X and has seen him in the waiting room. Manager demands that extra efforts be taken to set up a program and gain attendance of the physician at the pharmaceutical speaker program given by his personal psychiatrist- Dr. X. That special doctor/patient relationship will means that he will more likely prescribe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone think these legal hacks will change anything? As a matter of fact aren't they the ones helping foster retaliation, witch hunts, and top executive protection? I am experiencing the heavy handed and secretive ways the Pharma lawyers and their minions do damage to careers of right minded reps....jeeesh whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear her first motivational lecture. My MP3 recorder is primed and ready.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the poor soul who was offended. HIPPA CLass 101 is not pie in the sky, but a real life experience among many similar to this. Most of these types of situations are mandated by management whose only task is to move employees to bring in the bags of money.


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