Friday, November 03, 2006

Video interview on whistleblowing and my new thriller, "The Wolfpack"

This is what Pharma Manufacturing writes: has just posted a video of an interview that Ed Silverman did with Peter Rost a few weeks ago at Rost’s home in New Jersey. In it, Rost answers some of the questions that I’d been wondering about for some time: why did he stay with Pfizer for so long, why did he sue them for “wrongful termination,” why did he start speaking on reimportation after filing the qui tam suit, why were some of his blog postings so far removed from pharma (e.g. what’s a high powered MD with business credentials doing blogging about “cheating friends” and cheerleader drug reps, etc.—-I know. I have no sense of humor.)

Ed Silverman did a great job, while Rost was very open and candid, remarkably so for someone who is now pursuing litigation. What emerges in this video is a portrait of a consummate marketer, and a likeable person, driven mainly by the desire to do the right thing.

It’s also a study in human resilience that should inspire anyone who might be struggling to reinvent themselves after a downsizing or other traumatic loss. Rost is now seriously pursuing a second career as an author and has just finished a novel—a thriller called “The Wolfpack,” which he discusses in the video.

To watch the video and download a written transcript of the video, click here.


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