Friday, November 24, 2006


There is an interesting web site called MedChatter. This is a site which aggregates info from blogs in the medical and pharmaceutical area.

And what is interesting is that this site keeps track of all those blogs, and constantly displays most recent posts. But not only that, you can also find a ranking of most popular posts overall or in the last week or last 24 hours, based on how many have clicked on those posts.

Of course, you may wonder which ones are the most popular posts since this service started earlier this summer . . . so here's the list of the most popular blogs, overall, according to MedChatter:

Bristol-Myers CEO MUST be crying like a baby now! Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Dooce blogger Heather Armstrong Settles Lawsuit with Kensington Publishing Group Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Bye, bye Peter Dolan, hello Karen Katen??? Feed:Dr Peter Rost

One More Casualty at Pfizer Feed:Dr Peter Rost

An Exclusive Interview with Robert Connely, President and CEO of Novo Innovations Feed:HIStalk

Sanofi Aventis Bristol-Myers Squibb? Feed:Pharmagossip

Worst case of hemorrhoidal prolapse ever & PPH Feed:Unbounded Medicine

The Cost of Pfizer's Two Party Jets Feed:Dr Peter Rost

BMS - Plavix: looks like September 12th is D (for Dolan) Day Feed:Pharmagossip

BMS - Dolan's departure: the analysis begins Feed:Pharmagossip

Somebody over at Cafe Pharma appears close to a complete break-down . . . Feed:Dr Peter Rost

"Pfizer/Pharmacia and the Art of Firing People; Pfizer Moves to Block Rost’s Book (excerpt included)" Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Splenic Injury and Hemoperitoneum in Blunt Trauma Feed:Unbounded Medicine

Wyeth - Prempro: second trial starting in Philly Feed:Pharmagossip

More Pfizer Management Changes? Feed:Dr Peter Rost

BMS - Dolan's departure: the analysis begins Feed:Pharmagossip

"Pfizer Cuts Marketing Execs, Not Marketing" Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Pfizer: Too Big to Fly? Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Are GSK and Novartis considering a merger? Feed:Pharmagossip

The Mother of all Job Search Videos . . . Not. Feed:Dr Peter Rost

How To Safely Select Hospital Clinical Software – Lessons from the Past. Feed:Australian Health Information Technology

Am I Clairvoyant or What? Feed:Dr Peter Rost

BMS - Dolan may need an office collection Feed:Pharmagossip

Sanofi Aventis Bristol-Myers Squibb? Feed:Pharmagossip

The Doctor is More Important than the Pill Feed:Clinical Psychiatry Blog

Retail Clinics, Mobile Diagnostic Busses, and Jurassic Park by Nick Jacobs Feed:Hospital Impact

Peritoneal Lavage [Flickr] Feed:Unbounded Medicine

Ronald Green, Famous Lawyer for Pfizer Caught Lying in Court Feed:Dr Peter Rost

Gallstone Ileus Feed:Unbounded Medicine


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you, Mr. Popular! LOL! I suppose you REALLY won't be getting another job in the pharma field now, huh??

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for a post that may become No.1 rated and the Doc is not interested in regular job with big pharma anyway.
ALEXANDER LITVINENKO - the poor X Russian spy, obviously a major whistlebolower who ended, poisoned by radiation. Not a nice thing to happen to whistleblower. Who did it does not matter. They would and did deny it anyway and no way to prove it.
We know what nasty things they are capable of, always wrapped in lawyers letters and polite statements, but brutal nevertheless. When it comes to posibility of losing billions directly (fines)and indirectly (loss of reputation, sales) and extremelly well paid jobs, would anyone in the big pharma business "give the order"? Many people we spoke to about the nasty side of pharma business and whistleblowing on them, thought that was not a good idea. "Those people are ready to do anything to stop it. Too much on stake. be careful etc". These were just ordinary people who felt the big business would not take anything from the table, to repeat the famous words.
What can you tell us doc?