Thursday, November 09, 2006



I read your book "The Whistleblower", it has helped me in knowing that I am not the only person whose career has been "Disenabled". I like you continue the fight even though my corrupt company (Medical Device) continues to rip off taxpayers even after the officers of the company have been notified of the illegal activity.

I am luckily still collecting a paycheck so I have to hold off until I can shout from the rooftops.

Thank you for your book.

Dear reader, good luck to you. If you want any advice . . . feel free to check out what I told PharmaGossip, here: Dr Peter Rost - an exclusive interview with PharmaGossip on the day of his book launch / blog party.

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I read your interview. I also trusted and sought the best in people. Little did I know that Greed conquers ethics in many people.
I unfortunately have already notified my company via the process they claim to the public will keep them compliant with the law of the US.
I could just find a new job but then they would have won. I can't tell my children to work hard, do the right thing and I cut and run when times get tough. I plan to keep pushing and making a change from the inside.