Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cultural learnings

Borat has now been on Hannity & Colmes, FOX news and that's all it takes to get onto this blog. What's good enough for FOX must certainly be good enough for the Dr. Peter Rost blog. Here is what the right-leaning FOX viewers are watching.

And don't complain, I know many of you are exhibiting withdrawal symptoms from watching too much of Nicole Scherzinger, and that girl band with the bad name. But, it is my responsibility to bring you the best and most culturally enriching material available, and so I have to provide variety. And, using my standard excuse, "The New York Times already wrote about this," I now introduce Borat. If you haven't heard of him you don't watch MTV, HBO or FOX News. Or read the New York Times. Sensitive readers may want to avoid his dating video.


Borat dating

Borat hunting (it may help if you know that Borat is, in fact, Jewish . . . and, perhaps, is trying to make a point . . .)

Borat on FOX News

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