Thursday, November 09, 2006


What goes around comes around:

Democrats Hold `Grudge' Against Republicans' Corporate Allies

Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- The new Democratic House majority's plans to go after oil and pharmaceutical companies while taking it easy on hedge funds and other securities firms reflects a time-tested Capitol Hill practice: Be tough on political adversaries and kind to friends.

The Democrats plan to rescind $11.6 billion in energy subsidies for Exxon Mobil and other oil companies and require pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer Inc. to negotiate with Medicare on prescription-drug prices. Those two industries were among Republicans' biggest financial backers this year.


A Pfizer spokeswoman didn't return a call seeking comment. A spokesman for Exxon declined to comment, though officials from trade groups representing the oil and gas industries said the Democratic proposals are misguided.

I love the part about "not returning calls." Happens every time Pfizer doesn't like the question.


Anonymous said...

Once I stop laughing, I'll try to whip up a big ole crocodile tear for Exxon and Pfizer.

MsMelody said...


I've noted the SAME kind of response (or lack thereof) when one contacts our regulatory agencies. Ask a question, get referred to your physician or industry expert. Repeat the question . . . silence.

Currently, I have two messages sent to the Safety Officer for Consumer Products at the FDA. Six weeks and counting, and what I've heard so far is . . . SILENCE. Guess you could say I've been Pfizered?

MsMelody said...

Whoops! Since I'm letting off steam, and you've referenced Big Oil, why is it that the Interior Department can choose NOT to pursue over $7 BILLION in royalty non-payments from Big Oil (see NYT article of 11/2/2006), but should I underpay or underreport MY tax liability--even by so much as a few dollars (no billlions here), the IRS will most certainly be paying me a call.

Doggone-it! Wish I could just afford a lobbyist of my own!

Anonymous said...

I read your book "The Whistleblower", it has helped me in knowing that I am not the only person whose career has been "Disenabled". I like you continue the fight even though my corrupt company(Medical Device) continues to rip off taxpayers even after the officers of the company have been notified of the illegal activity. I am luckly still collecting a paycheck so I have to hold off until I can shout from the rooftops.
Thank you for your book.