Sunday, November 05, 2006

There is a lot of bitching about healthcare . . . so what can YOU do?

First, click below to watch the free animated short video that has created a major controversy across the Web. (Thank you Ms. Melody!)

Watch the Town of Allopath Online Video Now

Then, when you are done with the video, go here. And change YOUR life forever:

Harvard School of Public Health.


Anonymous said...

Well I took all the tests and I can't believe it but all of my risk factors are well below average.

Loved the video.

Strange thing about the test. I've got UC and it stil said I was below average.

Anonymous said...

Can Dr. West come to my territory for a "Dine and Doze" session (nee "Peer Influence Dinner")? How much is his honorarium? Can I budget at $150.00 per person? Will spouses be allowed to attend? Can I get the most recent RX data so I'll know which targets to invite so I'll have the most impact and ROI? Will there be extra samples alloted to follow-up with the attendees? Dr. West has such an important message that everyone needs to hear and come to believe! Our lives and jobs depend on it!