Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not everyone likes a winner . . .

OK, I know. This blog is really degenerating. First in a number of posts I showcase that sultry all-girl pop-group who's name can't be spoken, then I feature Borat, and now American Idol winner Carrie Underwood who won female vocalist of the year at the 40th Annual Country Music Association Awards in Nashville yesterday.

And not a word about the Election.

Of course, this is because I don't want to talk about the election. I just don't think too much will change. But, Carrie winning this CMA award, is, of course, very important to humanity.

And, hey, everyone who does some blogg-googling of Carrie's name will now find my blog. So, perhaps this is just commercialism on my part.


Nah. I really care. I do.

Anyway, that's a long way of introducing this clip with Carrie winning and Faith Hill not winning.

Please note Faith's reaction. For the record, she may be kidding. We just don't know. I kind of like Faith Hill a lot more than Carrie. She is raising her hands in victory, then realizes she didn't win and you don't have to be a lip-reader to see the big WHAT? formed by her lips . . .

Will I be banned by progressive sites now when I tip-toed into redneck country?

Perhaps Faith Hill singing "Help Me Make It Through The Night" is appropriate. Oh, do I love that song . . .

Or, maybe Faith Hill's "Cry" is in place? After all country music makes it easy to find the right songs for this occasion . . .


Anonymous said...

I like these winners.

Read more about them here.

They've scored some really big ones.

Or watch them here.

Anonymous said...


maybe I'll check back in next week

Argon said...

Well apparently Faith Hill thought she had a lock on the award and missed when they announced that Carrie Underwood won.

I can't deny that Faith Hill has alot of talent but so does Carrie Underwood, and she should get her shot too. Maybe that'll make Faith Hill try harder next time.

Kansas said...

Carrie is from Oklahoma so she can't be all bad. :>

I agree with Argon. She deserves her minute in the spotlight.

Argon said...

I guess it's all in the interpretation of the body language and when she said "What?" she was joking and doing an imitation of Kanye West.

Faith Hill says camera caught her joking, not angry - Yahoo! News

Kind of shows the power of YouTube to exaggerate things though doesn't it?

I loved Faith Hill's songs "Breathe, This Kiss, and The Way You Love Me" and hopefully this will help to motivate her to do more songs like that.