Monday, November 06, 2006

Should they be banned . . . ?

This site is about being irreverent, provocative and breaking the mold. So not just booooring political stuff. Or bitching about what's wrong.

And sometimes this site is simply there to make readers upset. Or pleased. Like when we show certain singers and music videos. Or write provocative essays. And sometimes this site just gets stuck on a topic.

Here's what some readers said about the clips of the Pussycat Dolls featured over the last week:

shade said...
Yay! It's the music industry's answer to drug reps!

Moogirl said...
Every time these clips are played, an angel loses it's wings. And I get a little stupider :>

And here is what Borat had to say when he introduced this group (apparently agreeing with some readers):

The Pussycat Dolls are proving to be a recognized female group as MTV Hits (UK) marks them as #1 in Top 10 Female Groups (July 2006) beating #2 Destiny's Child and #7 Spice Girls. Furthermore, securing #1 in VH1's (UK) 'Top 20 Sexiest' #2 in TMF's Ultimate 20 Women in Pop (August 2006) and #6 in TMF's Girls of R&B countdown.

The group won a Billboard Music Award for "Don't Cha" as Top Hot/Dance Club Play Single of the Year. The song was also nominated for Top-Selling Single of the Year and Top-Selling Dance Single of the Year.

So now it is time to forget about the election and other important stuff that won't change much, and find out what ALL the readers think about the Pussycat Dolls.

Should they be banned from this site or not?

What do you think about the Pussycat Dolls?
An embarassment to womankind.
They should be banned from your site and their CD's burned.
You have featured the Pussycat Dolls?
Stop showing them because I can't stop watching.
God's gift to mankind.
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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, baby!!! The Pussycats are like totally rockadelic! Everytime I watch them I have to get my Spicegirls trucker hat out and just rap into the groove. Do you think one of them may have an eye out for Wayne Rooney?

Anonymous said...

10 to 1 odds says that if us nurses dressed like the pussycat dolls (Or drug reps, for that matter!) we would all have increased patient satisfaction quarterly bonus increases of at least 113.4% by my calculations. But then again, would all the time we'd have to spend in the gym after our 12 (Or delegated 16) hour shifts make up for the extra money??? Perhaps my boyfriend would be best to answer this one. I'll get back to you.

Kansas said...

Why do you want the terrorists to win?

Anonymous said...

Borat 5 - Pussycat dolls 1

Peter Rost said...

OK, Des owes us a response from her boyfriend.

Moogirl, terrorists?

Annelolotte, you're French, so, I'm not sure how to interpret the numbers, does it mean you prefer Borat or the Pussycat dolls . . . ?

Argon said...

I'd take the Pussycat Dolls over Borat anyday. At least they can sing and dance a lot better than he can tell a joke.

Kansas said...

A late night attempt at humor, Doc. Apparently it was later than I thought. :>

Kansas said...

And I demand equal time with, um, who would be the male equivalent of the P. Dolls?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i forgot to ask him. i'll ask tonight and get back. promise.

Argon said...

Didn't Snoop Dog already do a video with the P. Dolls? I thought he was the male equivalent

Peter Rost said...

Argon . . I was just going to say the same thing, when I saw your comment!


Argon said...

Well you got to be quicker on the draw then eh? *wink* There is a reason I earned the title of Aware *wicked grin*

I found the video they did together on YouTube called Buttons

YouTube - Pussycat Dolls ft Snoop Dog - Buttons

Kansas said...

Snoop Dog? The male equivalent of the P. Dolls?

Ummm, no.

I was thinkin’ more along the lines of sexy men. Snoop Dog? Not exactly what I had in mind… :>

Argon said...

Isn't that a different thing? You asked for the male equivalent whether or not he's sexy is an another question.

Some would say so, they think he's da shiznite, Fo' shizzle, ma nizzle. Others have different tastes

Snoop Dogg

From that video I doubt Arnold is one of his fans Maybe you'd agree more with Cameron Diaz that Justin Timberlake brings Sexy Back? at least he dances more like the P. Dolls

Kansas said...

Timberlake just makes me laugh. He couldn't bring sexy back if he had a U-Haul. Talent is sexy, and he has zip in that department.

I was thinking more along the lines of Aerosmith, or perhaps Bon Jovi, or Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Yeah, a little SRV ought to do it!

Argon said...

But the P. Dolls, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake aren't even in the same league with a legend like Stevie Ray Vaughan, so how can he be any kind of equivalent?

Even though Bon Jovi was "Living on his Hair" he certainly had a lot more talent than Timberlake so it's not much of a match right?

I guess you're purely going for sexy now and are just throwing out the male equivalent you asked for.

If SRV is more your style than how about Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana as backups, at least they're still alive right?

Kansas said...

No one can touch SRV in my book. He is my all time favorite, I still miss him tremendously. However, Clapton is certainly an awesome talent. Santana just never did it for me. While I always enjoy them when I hear them, I never owned a Santana album.

And yes, I threw Bon Jovi out there for pure sexy, not talent.

If you want to talk talent AND sexy, then it would have to be (in no particular order):

Steve Walsh (Kansas)
Freddy Mercury (Queen)

I’m sure there’s more, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet.