Saturday, November 04, 2006

"An amazing eye opener"

Des said...

Dr. Rost,I have just finished reading your book, "The Whistleblower" which was an amazing eye opener!!!

The book caught my eye in a bookstore last week and I thought it would be of great value for me, a soon to be RN BN working in the US as soon as I get my visa.

Being from Canada, I am used to perscription drug prices being reasonable - and even more so for me, by which my additional insurance covers 80% of our already decreased medication costs in Canada. Something urgently needs to be done, in my opinion, about the cost of these medications in the United States, since for being a 1st world country and leader in the free world, it still amazes me that corporations and government will do this to their own people.

I think you are phenomenally brave for risking your career, livlihood and family for speaking out about what you know and believe is right. As a fellow health professional, thank you, thank you, thank you! Being a patient advocate isn't just about speaking up in the hospitals when a patient is in the bed in front of you, but it is also about speaking up for their rights even in the huge global world of medication affordability, and in essence, the right to live no matter what your income or insurance coverage!

I will definitely be checking your blog on a regular basis!

Thank you Des! Be sure to visit her blog

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MsMelody said...

it still amazes me that corporations and government will do this to their own people.

Thank you for providing an appropriate topic for this comment.

Recently an Eli Lilly executive, speaking before Health Canada, admitted that there are some diabetics who cannot use [rDNA, genetically-engineered] human insulin. He did not elaborate on any contingency to aid these individuals, and the corporate response was the removal in March 2006 of the lone, remaining animal insulin in the U.S. market.

By inference, the ONLY conclusion that can be drawn from this "corporate business decision" is that these individuals are expendable. Canada has been able to secure pork insulin for their needful insulin-using citizens, and, by extension, U.S. citizens can import the product for individual use (after many hoops placed before them by our FDA), but the immorality remains, doesn't it?

Like you, I am AMAZED that corporations and government will do this to their own people. As Peter has said in [Drug Cartel's Pre-Election Jitters
Panic in Big Pharma
], . . . I'm a little bit too cynical to think much will change; after all, in our nation the only currency that talks is money.