Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Women Want. And Men.

I'm trying to learn here.

Let's use some early Shakira videos.

Is this passion that men like.

Or women too?

You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am that lonely oldie. Here goes. I love those two videos, and it turns me on, but not in the same way it would turn on a guy, I am sure. I hear the music and I want to dance. Actually, I did, thanks to my orthopedic surgeon I have two "swivelhips". Sometimes I demonstrate how limber I am to my offspring, and I get big eyes and..geez, granny.., I liked it better when you were an ol' crip!
So it turns me on, makes me dance. Love all sorts of music, this spanish/morish music, klezmer, hungarian and rumanian gypsy, and dancing. The girls are beautiful, but I'd rather see a guy. Actually, being a woman, I would rather dance and FEEL that guy, in the flesh, dancing with me. I think that is la difference entre un homme et une femme. The guy is visual, the woman is sensual and receptive. Now, why would that be? Hm, I wonder....

Kansas said...

Men are visual, women are emotional, plain and simple. Alway have been, always will be. No Mars and Venus crap needed. No great mystery. This will never, EVER change. NE-VER!

This is also why women get put out to pasture WAY before our prime. What a shame.

As for your question, Doc, "Is this passion that men like..."

Is it half naked and wiggling? Then of course this is what men like. Is it passion? Um...I seriously doubt it. I think you're confusing passion with lust.

Men lust after anything swinging from a pole (the only thing missing from Shakira's videos). God love ya, you just can't help it.

You have to have deep feelings to feel passion.

And as for your second question "Or women too?", not quite sure what you're asking. If you're asking does she turn me on...afraid not. But I have to admit, I've become dangerously close to becoming hypnotized by those hips! :>

Now if you were to put up a video of Johnny Depp, well.....

Anonymous said...

Ladies, you are as clueless in men, as you are in so many other things.
Men are monogomous. You can can try to cram a size 14 foot into a size 8 shoe.....ain't gonna work. Not for long , anyway.
You can "think" you know. You can "believe" you know. You can even "imagine you know." But unless you "experience" something, you know...squat.

I don't even pretend to "know" anything about women. All I can "know" is myself. Here I am, I'm "Popeye the Sailor Man." Maybe you like me, maybe you don't. With half the world populated with women, why would I want to joust with those genetically undisposed to me? I think, and I may be wrong but it really doesn't matter, that it was Nikita Kruschev who, explaining to an American President his views about the future of Communism, said something like this...."We don't need to go to war to achieve our aims, we think ourselves like we're walking down the halls on a cruise ship. As we walk, we try the knobs of the many cabins. Those that are locked, we move on. Those that are open.....well, that's another story. Hellooo Baby!."

Accept it for what is is....A mystery. And you know? That ain't too bad.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman and I love Shakira because her songs speak to women. She's sexual yes, but her lyrics are very witty and clever, poetic of course and as a Latina who understands what she is singing about I really appreciate her candor on subjects like love. When an article recently quoted her as saying that her new album titled "Oral Fixation" was not meant to be sexual I understood why. So in reference to your question Doc, as to wether her videos portray a passion that both men and women like really depends. Visually, who doesn't like Shakira(men want women to be sexual but only with them not their friends). Her lyrics on the other hand suggest some sort of undying devotion, which for women we understand all too well. Maybe not for all women, but for Latinas, speaking as a Latina, there's nothing more gratifying in a relationship then falling hard and fast for a guy even if he doesn't deserve us. It's like women who go through one torturous relationship after another, Shakira's songs speak to that kind of woman. In Spanish, there is a saying, "Women who are LOST (meaning Crazy) are the most sought after." [las mujeres perdidas son las mas buscadas] I am not saying Latinas are crazy or anything like that, but Shakira is portraying that sort of free spirit that everyone can appreciate, including women. What women want in relationships is what Shakira speaks about, blind, deaf and mute love (ciega, sorda, muda) where we don't know how to forget a man who we love even though he may not be any good, but damn he's hot and makes me completely crazy, dumb and retarded. That's realy what she's saying. She's really angry at him for not being a better man and worse, she's mad at herself for not getting over it... lol. The second video,(even though Gloria Estefan translated it to English, it didn't do the song any justice) illustrates a woman's ultimate fantasy. Here, Shakira is talking about a guy she met (with big beautiful middle eastern eyes) who rocked her world only to disappear. I don't know why, but women are totally into this shit. Not middle eastern guys, but the whole "man of my dreams who disappears" crap. It's like we always knew he existed but the world is cruel and now we must never give up and find him, again, and apparently Shakira says we can probably find him with our hips...

Kansas said...

Dealerman...I don't even know where to begin. You said:

"Ladies, you are as clueless in men, as you are in so many other things."

Gotta love a man who starts off with an insult. It lets us know right off the bat what we're dealing with.

You said:

"Men are monogomous. You can can try to cram a size 14 foot into a size 8 shoe.....ain't gonna work. Not for long , anyway."

A. Size 14??? In your dreams.

B. Might I suggest you look into spell cheque. I can only assume that English is not your native tongue.

You said:

"With half the world populated with women, why would I want to joust with those genetically undisposed to me?"

Genetically undisposed???

That sound you hear is the collective head-scratching of all the readers of this blog. If there is even one reader who could possible make sense of this statement, then I bow to your superior geneticality-ness.

Genetically undisposed indeed...

I am waiting with bated breath for your next installment. Meanwhile, the rest of us gals will be thinking ourselves like we're walking down the halls on a cruise ship....

Anonymous said...

Good morning, one and all. Let's see....everybody here? Wait a minute, Moogirl's missing. Damn! I told her that holding her breath for long periods is not good. O.k. let's all fan out now and look for the young lady. She's probably passed out somewhere. Truth be known though, she did look kinda cute....her cheeks all blown out, lips pursed so tightly. But I knew she was in trouble when the color in her face went from a nice pink, right through a "sexy" crimson to a.....oh my, Poltergeist purple.
Sure hope she's o.k.

In the meantime, I'll just go on, trying those knobs. Hmmm, was that an intentional pun? Can't tell. See, looking for women flapping from poles is what we want. Got it? (another pun? Gotta cut this out.) Real simple.
Only problem is, and I'm only one guy, pole flappers don't turn me on. Now what do I do? I've just stumbled through life figuring there's a seat for every ass. I'm just so damn grateful for all kinds of women. I still remember one when I was a teenager. Gave me a kiss on the neck, with a sneaky little lick tossed in. No poles, no lust, just a smile that's lasted a lifetime.

But that's just me.

Kansas said...

I'm here, I'm here! All that kicking and screaming really wore me out and I had to take a nap.

But the proper color has returned to my face and I'm feeling much better now.

And while I appreciate your concern, Dealerdude, I noticed you still offered explaination for your earlier statements.

We all took a collective sigh of relief at the fact that you aren't into "pole flappers", however, referring to a woman's "knobs" makes us question the validity of said fact.

But you are kinda cute when you try to be witty.

I feel another nap coming on...

Anonymous said...

MZ MOO! Aw, there you are, my little friend. Glad you're all right. Poor, baby. I know, I know, being burdened by the role of Chief Enforcer for the "Bureau of Judgemental Probity" must be such a curse. But if not you, who? I mean, who do these men think they are?
They just strut through life, swaggering, leering, and saying whatever comes to mind. All they have to do is submit whatever stupid things they have to say to "The Bureau" and in a couple of hours their stupid words will be returned, all scrubbed, shiny, and corrected, they can continue their banal conversations. I feel so much better now that I know someone is squatting in the bushes, notebook in hand, peashooter ready, to make this a better world. But dopey rebel that I am, I just can't change now. And next time I'm with a woman, I'll just let the vulgar, untrained urges take their course........knobs or no knobs.

p.s. I guess that means I can put a check mark next to your name in the "not" column.


And now, ...Beeta. Well thank you, dear for the undeserved award. I just don't know what to say. Now please stand aside and let me get to the podium. Ahem. Harumph. Ladies and Gentlemen. I am just speechless. First, I want to say I couldn't have done this alone. I want to thank my producer, my director, my writers, the people who agree with me, the people who don't, and all the wonderful folks on the set for making this day possible. I will cherish this award, the first annual "BEETY" till the day I die. With full recognition of the many differences of opinion we share, I choose to concentrate on the many things we have in common.....An open mind, and a total respect for the dignity and wonderful diversity that makes us human. Good night, and Bless you all.................

Kansas said...

Your Dealerness,

First let me congratulate you on your award. What was it for again? Ah yes, for being "first goragous man of the hour". You must be so proud!

Second, yes, being the Chief Enforcer for the "Bureau of Judgemental Probity" is a tough job, but dammit somebody has to do it!

Third, I never called you stupid and Heaven help me if I ever make a typo in the comments section of Doc's blog! But I SO did not understand most of what you first posted...and you drew first blood by opening with an unsolicited insult!

Thus, the pea shooters have been drawn!

And if you weren't strutting, swaggering, and leering, you'd be, well, women!

Love ya Dude, don't you ever change!

Anonymous said...

Didn't forget you, Moo chick. Oops, Am I showing my age? Regarding your last post, I counted 6, maybe 7, errors, faulty interpretations, and/or hallucinations. I've found you can twist your mind into an unhealthy state debating every little word, comment, or factoid. And for what? I prefer to say "you win." Now, and it's just a suggestion, kick back, put your feet up, have a drink (or a toke, or both, your choice) and contemplate what an old Jewish billionaire once told me, "kid, enjoy every minute, you'll be a long time dead." I've walked around with a smile on my face ever since.

Love ya too, but I'm change'n every day.

You're the best!

Kansas said...

lol I surrender, and will take your suggestions to heart! It's been great fun, I'm sure I'll hear from you again!