Friday, July 28, 2006

PharmaGossip Going Through the Roof

As you know I love to read PharmaGossip.

In fact, I keep repeating how good that blog is, so of course, I take full credit now when this great blog has more than doubled its readers in just a week.

I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that PharmaGossip was just named Editor's Choice WEBSITE OF THE WEEK by Internet Drug News.

They wrote:

"We surfed across this blog last week and we bookmarked it. It hilarious and serious at the same time. The blogger (who is anonymous) has the inside track on breaking stories and scandals regarding big pharma. Worth a click"

No I don't think that made any difference.

I simply believe that the 10247 unique visitors I had last month made the difference. They all took a look at PharmaGossip.

And if you weren't one of the people visiting PharmaGossip, you are missing out.

By the way, PharmaGossip, is my check still in the mail?


1 comment:

insider said...

It sure is Peter.

Insider lobbied for you to get the top Pfizer job.

But they decided to give it to a... lawyer.

Maybe next time?