Monday, July 31, 2006

A Class Act

The New York Times started an article yesterday saying, "CHIEF executives are inclined to avoid activities generally deemed to be high-risk: Sky diving. Cliff jumping. Motorcycle racing. And blogging."

But there is no question that blogs have more and more impact on the mainstream media.

Yesterday, the Financial Times quoted the eminent blog PharmaGossip.

"Pfizer's move to replace its chief executive, Hank McKinnell, was applauded by critics of the world's biggest drug company. Mr McKinnell, 63, was to retire in 2008. He will remain as chairman until 2008. One industry site had only mock sympathy ( "We must now rally round and 'dig deep' to help Hank meet his bills through this trying time."

And what did PharmaGossip do with this newfound publicity?

Well, as a very classy web site, PharmaGossip tried to share its new readers, and wrote this in a post referring to the FT article:

"And finally, a quick shout out to Insider's three best "blogosphere" friends: Peter Rost , Mike Lascelles and John Mack."

If that isn't classy, I don't know what is.

Imagine one newspaper trying to share its readers with another newspaper . . .

PharmaGossip. A class act. Go there!

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