Monday, July 17, 2006

Baby Please Don't Go . . .

Most of us have someone we love. Or have had someone we loved.

I believe it is important to always be prepared.

So if someone I really loved was ready to leave me, here's what I'd play.

And even if that special person wasn't about to leave, I'd play it for her anyway, just to let her know I have it.

So if you love someone, perpaps it makes sense to play this Muddy Waters bit, tell her you've saved this, just in case she'd get the wrong idea into her head.

And tell her how much you love 'er.

Worked for me when I tried it a few days ago. She laughed and slowly shook her head. That's a good result.

Sometimes flowers works too. I don't do that too often. So once when I brought flowers to her, she looked at me with amazement and asked, who gave you flowers?

That's when I realized I needed to buy flowers more often and perhaps play a tune now and then.


Anonymous said...

Doc, does "romantickness" come to men w/ age or what? I sort of got used to the idea that the men my age dont have a clue(I'm 29 going on 30). I don't even know how I would react if my boyfriend played me this song out of the blue.

Thanks, really, I know there is hope after all.

Anonymous said...


Tru dat...