Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today's Quote

According to Forbes, in a note to investors last week, Prudential Equity Group analyst Timothy Anderson wrote that Merck Chief Executive Richard Clark says Vioxx doesn't keep him up at night.

This quote made Evelyn Pringle write the article Merck Not Losing Sleep Over Vioxx Disaster.


Anonymous said...

"exposing corruption in government and corporate America." Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely like shooting fish in a barrel, the problem is getting people to actually shot the fish and then take 'em out and cook 'em. It seems as though they have to commit a really heinous act before anyone will do a damned thing to them.

ENRON came about because the ReThug congress got rid of the oversight rules that allowed this sort of thing to happen and congress STILL refuses to re-instate those rules.

So until our bought and paid for congress stands up to the Corporate Pimps that control our congress, nothing is going to change and as long as we have religious nutjobs being put into positions with regards to medicine nothing is going to get better.

Somedays I can't help but wonder just WHAT these people think of the USA? Do they think it should become a religious dictatorship? Do they think it should become a wholly owned subsidary of Corporate America strictly for the benefit of rich investors?

I wonder when the adults we were promised are going to show up?

Oh yeah, they had the election stolen from them.

Haven't been able to post much lately. My mother is in the hospital. What started out asw a kidney infection has evolved an Ovarian Cyst about 10 inches by 6 inches AND then when they went in the doctor found more problems. So we have been going there for the last three days and it's 45 miles each way. So I have not been able to come on here as much as I would like to.

JUST in case anyone was wondering.

BUT we came home early today, they have her on serious painkillers so she's off in la la land right now, which is fine with us because we are worried about the results of the biopsy of the cyst and the tumors they found on her appendix.

Some days.....

Anonymous said...

OH and here is my quote of the day.

"We can have a democratic society or we can have great concentrated wealth in the hands of a few. We cannot have both."

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandies

shooter said...

Doc! We got ourselves a bunch of sharp cookies here on your blog!( Maybe I should have said "really smart thinkers." Always remember, I'm old,... Jeez I'm old))

Beeta, just signed on to punk out again, but wanted to tell you......I didn't forget. ( remember....I'm old)

Rose Sweetheart (see disclaimer above), went through it with my mom and pop. What can I say? It's tough. But I felt a little better knowing that, at least, I was there to help. Funny thing, rather than being depressed about this drag on my life, I felt strangely grateful for the chance to really be helpful. weird, no?

And now, it's time for us to put our foot down! You listening, Doc? We ought to be able to sign in and continue a conversation
for just as long as it has legs. All this thinking you put me through, only to be denied satisfaction, reminds me of how they breed race horses. They bring in this male horse to get the female horny, then just at the "moment" they yank him out and bring in "The Champ Stallion." Time is money, I guess.

Tomorrow is another day.

Anonymous said...

As stated, yes campaign financing is legal bribery, BUT it was done with the pressure of the corporations and of course, congress' greed. Two greedy mofos and you get the lousy system we have now.

I don't know if there is a solution, but I can hope. I keep pushing for Gore, because he has been here before. He UNDERSTANDS the corruption and how things work. THEN he was out of the system for the last several years, which has given him a new insight about how things SHOULD be. At least that is the impression I get from his speeches. He isn't being too PC anymore and that is what is needed in our political system.

I think a good leader would be able to push for and get campaigns financed through federal taxdollars. It's the only way to go now. IF a campaigner refuses to accept the money and instead opting to get private money, then the best way to stop that is to give the opponent the exact same amount in federal money.

IF corporations cannot bribe elected officials with threats of withholding campaign money and IF elected officials don't have to spend most of their time holding fundraisers, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, they might start doing the people's work.

As well it's time to stop allowing elected officials to immediately go into private jobs working for the same people who bribed them and get these jobs at highly inflated wages.

Personally I think a TEN YEAR time lag must happen before they can get into the lobbying business.

Oh well, IF I was in charge....