Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Strange Collection

People collect strange things.

When I was a kid I collected stamps and coins.

Now, I mostly collect new experiences. I've got quite a collection of those from the last few years . . .

Recently a reader wrote to me and told me about his collection.

He collects online ads. I'm not kidding.

You may hate 'em, or you may love them but his collection is amazing in itself. I never look at that stuff, and I have all kinds of ad blockers, but if you want to see just how much drug advertising is on the net, go to his site, here, and look at the drug ads, or any of his other categories!


Rev. L. said...

Frankly, Doc, the level at which Big Pharma has insinuated itself into our every day lives disgusts me to the point have a difficult time not screaming obscenitites every time it comes up.

I think about my little brother spending most of his childhood jacked up on adderol and it makes me want to punch my parents (who are good people, really, just misguided by doctors, commercials, and bad experiences with the three kids that came before him)square in the face.

At what point did going to the doctor turn into an endeavor similar to going to a shady mechanic? At what point did we actually begin to accept this fact? At what point do we put a stop to it. Can it BE stopped?

Anonymous said...

I collect old toys.