Tuesday, July 25, 2006

War Online

It used to be that civilians simply hid in their basements or ran to a bomb shelter when the air defense sirens started wailing.

Not anymore. Now they pull out their video cameras and record the event, including rocket explosions, and then download this to the net.

Here are two tapes from the last few days in Israel. The first tape starts with sirens in Haifa and ends with explosions, in the second, one kid runs down to the family's bomb shelter.

And here's a video from Lebanon, with a comment to the U.S. "This is your liberation of Lebanon."


Anonymous said...

I have no opinion about this "action", as it just reenforces by view that the human race is a nasty ass species. I have to balance that with the fact that there are some truly wonderful people in this world. It's hard. probably even harder than being president is for Georgie.

I am going way off topic now. I hope I don't offend the sensibilities of fellow posters trying to come to terms with Isy killing Lebanon's good people 'cause they are pissed off at the terrorists, butt here goes.

Local headlines this morning: "CHASE ENDS WITH SUSPECT'S DEATH A 40-mile chase ended with the death of a man who lost conciousness after being shot with a Taser by deputies, authorities said."

Hopefully the lawsuits pending will put Taser out of business and a few execs behind bars...fat chance!

Anonymous said...

Salon has posted a series of these videos from both sides of the border in their Video Dog section (if not a subscriber, you will have to endure a short ad to get there.)

I recomend following the links to the Lebanese blogger's site.

Anonymous said...

Yes, The sirens sound the same as the sirens in The Netherlands during WWII. And the Hezbullah "warriors" behind their black curtained faces look exactly like the German Nazis - although those did not cover up their faces, including the nazi Sieg Heil Gruss. Take out some old Nazi propaganda and compare it to the Hezbullah footage all over the tube. The planes flew over much lower, and razored off the chimneys. Classmates were hauled off out of the classroom, and some were shot in plain view on the playground. Das Reich invaded neighboring countries. So does Hezbullah. Nazis recruited and taught the children war from elementary school on - Hitlerjugend. Hezbullah and Hamas start a little earlier - Kindergarten. They strap gunbelts on toddlers and teach them murder. What else is new? The Enemey is a liar and a murderer. The enemy comes from the North.