Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There is a new blog out there, and this is how the about section starts:

The Genesis of a Naked Journal

Here, by way of a little background, before I tell you about this site, it's probably best to tell you how it came about. A few weeks ago I was supposed to meet my best friend Marcy for a cocktail over at the Four Seasons. Well, of course, Marcy's late (always) and I end up alone in a bar (I hate that). Sure enough some 3-piece empty suit imagining me a gyro spit tries to make a pass. He barely acknowledges the introduction and goes straight for the "So, what I do for a living?" I assume he's quick in other ways, as well.

Anyway, it had been a long twelve-hour day of putting out client fires and teeth-gnashing internal politics. It's budget time at the "image factory." I was/am spent and just didn't have one ounce of posturing left in me for this guy. I hear myself blurt out, "I am a whore." It was a total knee-jerk reaction.

This blog, by an imaginary PR woman who posts very revealing pictures of herself, has created quite a bit of attention, most recently in the Washington Post.

Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post reveals that it is an anonymous team of PR industry bloggers, three women and one man, who are posting under the identity of "Strumpette," a slutty expert in marketing communications with "perfect perky boobs" who takes on big name PR agencies and public relations in general in this tongue-in-cheek blog.

Hat tip PharmaGossip.


Anonymous said...

What women want?

I MIGHT want to see this if I'm visiting a website about a lesbian escapade...

but since I'm reading about marketing/pharmaceuticals/whisteblowing and educated musings, it is a little insulting.

I mean, eye-catching it is, but is it worth all of the women you put off?

When I see an image like this, what it says is this woman might not have a head and we really don't care. So, once again, appropriate perhaps for porn, but not for educated consumption. It makes me not want to read the piece.

I do realize that may be sort of the point, the pandering marketing website (and their pic), but seriously, that pic alone makes me think you cannot help yourself but indulge the dirty old man in you across many topics. The sleaze from the phony website translates right across to you.

Did they use a buffer on her ass or what? That is not natural.

shooter said...

See, I told you Doc, stick to the "crisis in the middle east."

Anonymous said...

This picture of a nude is much safer ... and we can play 'Can you find the thong?' :)


BTW, I'm a grandmother and was not offended at all being mooned by a lovely smooth butt.

Anonymous said...

I know I may be in the minority, but I don't enjoy being presented with women telling me in various ways that I'm not as skinny, or beautiful, or affluent, or have as shiny of a butt, or as good of a portfolio, or sex life, or career.

This website seems dedicated to the executive beat off.

BTW I have a great sex life and relationship and a family I would not trade time with for a lucrative job - maybe that's why it is insulting to me to insinuate
i want something she has. Her 'expertise' in marketing communications seems to be stuck in the soft porn market, something most of us developed at puberty - not exactly a talent. Perhaps paying the photographer is supposed to be her talent.

Kansas said...

OMG Doc, have you lost your mind? Where do I begin?

1. Marketing communications blahblahblah PR firms blahblahblah award winning campaigns blahblahblah 15 years experience blahblahblah HERE’S MY CROTCH!

2. I’ve slept with clients, I sleep with my boss, HERE’S MY CROTCH!


Why in the world would you waste your time (and ours) on HERE’S MY CROTCH? How and why would anyone take this woman seriously?

Main Entry: strum·pet
Pronunciation: 'str&m-p&t
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English

While I have absolutely no problem with looking at a beautiful B&W nude, I do have a problem with being assaulted with a shot that only her gynecologist (and obviously anyone else who could further her career) has seen, and then being expected to give a damn what a talented business woman she is. This is not a tasteful photo, you can find the same shots on any porn site.

Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t give us a rundown on your resume and then insert a photo like this and expect anyone to give a damn what your resume said. You will only be taken seriously for one talent or the other. And with a photo like that, can you guess which talent there will be more interest in?

Doc, you said:

“And I can assure you that this has nothing to do with her pictures. I just love her intellect. After all, I have to love a fellow rebel blogger, even though she posts nice images on her blog.”

Excuse me while I go get my hip-waders on. I’d hate to step in anything you’re shoveling! One wonders what the wife thinks…

And to anyone who thinks that the photo is a rendition of what her ass actually looks like, three suggestions: Lighting, makeup, and Photoshop. This is what I do for a living and it’s not that difficult. But I seriously doubt ANYONE gives a damn!

Seriously Doc, you are better than this.

Lavender Pitt said...

Jesus God, people, lighten the fuck up!

1) Feminists: I thought feminism is about CHOICES. If Strumpette wants to use her physical attributes to further her career, and the men in her professional world fall for it. the good for her. IT'S HER CHOICE. Doesn't sound like she's bitching about sexual harassment here.

2) Those of you with a low self image. Get over it. If you had that good an ass, you'd put your on the internet too. My ass ain't that good, but other parts of me are. Don't you pose in pictures to show off your best side? As for those who think the ass-shot represents the objectification of women, and then go on about the framing and the lack of head and what THAT represents, y'know, sometimes a cigar is a freakin cigar.

3) Those of you bitching about off-topic-ness- That's the kind of fascism that got Rost's ass shitcanned from Huffpoo. I don't read ole Pete for the pharma-blather- I actually skim that quickest. I read it cuz I like ole Pete. He's got a fun voice. Ease up on the pigeon-holing.

4) What a whiny bunch of pantloads. Rock on, Pete- I LIKE the way you're expanding beyond your "realm of expertise." If people want to get all categorical on you, they can go read "Time."

I am a 35 year old female with a bachelor's and master's degree. I am married, and without children. I repeat: Ease the hell UP, folks, it's just the Internet.

Peter Rost said...

Thank you Darwinita.

Thank you for understanding.

Some days on this blog, I'm really just having some fun, no pun intended.

As for the photos. Did anyone consider that a writer using a fictional name may use fictional photos?

Just a thought.

But of course, I think it is more fun to pretend they are real.

Kansas said...

Doc, you know I love you. I also prefer it when you write about real life instead of the pharm world. My verbal assault was not meant for you, per se, hope you didn’t get any of it on you. But it peeves me greatly when women use their sexuality to get ahead and then try to convince you to take them seriously.

If you want to be a piece of ass, then be the best piece of ass around. I’d have WAY more respect for you. Just don’t waste your breath telling anyone anything else about yourself because no one will care. You’ve already established who you are and what you’re all about. Don’t blame me, I didn’t make these rules.

I have yet to ever hear a man utter the phrase “Wow, did you see the brain on THAT one?”

Ah Darwinita, you said:

“Those of you with a low self image. Get over it. If you had that good an ass, you'd put your on the internet too.”

Wow. I think you have that backwards Dear. It’s the people with low self-esteem who have to post pictures of themselves...like in the comments section...in black prom dresses.

See, the rest of us don’t have the overwhelming need to say “LOOKATMELOOKATMELOOKATME”. We don’t need feedback from total strangers on our beauty. We are secure in our beauty.

And posting photos of your crotch is the very essence of needing attention and affirmation.

Do I wish I had an ass like that? Wake up, girl. Amanda Chapel doesn’t even have an ass like that. Again, lighting, makeup, and the ever popular Photoshop.

Doc, in Amanda’s blog (or bio, can’t remember which) she writes about her vacation and how she now has a tan butt. Below that statement is the now infamous crotch shot. I just assumed it was hers.

A famous photographer once said, ”There’s a fine line between art and pornography. It’s all in the shadows…”

Anonymous said...

Uhh....am I missing something here? I thought I read (correct me if I'm wrong) that the whole point of Strumpette was to be a parody of how real PR firms behave? You know; a humorous exageration which highlights what they were THINKING about even if they were not advertising about! So many people...so little humor.

Kansas said...

Wow, if it's suppose to be a parody, then I missed it. And I pride myself on looking for the satire in everything!

And the Doc didn't allude to anything about this being a parody.

I'll admit, I didn't spend a whole lot of time on her site.

While I don't take her seriously, it has nothing to do with her site possibly being a parody.

How 'bout it Doc? Is her site suppose to be a joke?