Friday, July 28, 2006

New Info About Anonymous Letter to Pfizer's Board of Directors

So far only the New York Times has reported on the anonymous letter, allegedly sent by a senior Pfizer executive to the Pfizer board of directors and to some journalists. The letter appears to have been a last minute attempt to persuade the board not to select Jeff Kindler as the new CEO of Pfizer.

This is additional information the New York Times writes in tomorrow's edition:

"Mr. Kindler, however, takes his job under a minor cloud. Earlier this week, a person claiming to be a senior Pfizer employee sent a letter to Pfizer’s board critical of Mr. Kindler. The letter offered no evidence to support its claims, and they cannot be independently verified. But the letter’s author correctly predicted on Wednesday that Mr. McKinnell would resign after Friday’s board meeting."

Clearly, based on the correct prediction of Mr. McKinnell losing his job on Friday, the letter must have been written by one of very few top people within Pfizer.

It is even questionable if anyone but Kindler's two contenders, Ms. Katen and Mr. Shedlarz, or someone close to them, could have known enough to write this letter. After all, it is reasonable to assume that they were literally the only people informed in advance of what would take place. They and the PR persons who wrote today's press release. But the PR people already reported to Mr. Kindler and would have been joyous about this development.

And it is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Kindler will draw the same conclusion.

In the news release announcing his promotion, Mr. Kindler promised that Pfizer “will transform virtually every aspect of how we do business” and reduce “organizational layers to speed decision-making.”

Perhaps it wouldn't be surprising if Mr. Kindler starts his new job by reducing the layer right below him.


Anonymous said...

Doc, just read this and now I am really paranoid for you. It came to me today and it made perfect sense. This goes back to Yaco, clearly he was planted on purpose for you to find. Clearly, you took the bait and you were taken off HP so that when you "uncovered" any OTHER "Pharma gossip" your audience would only be a fraction of the readership HP receives. I went to the HP to see if they had any news on Pfizer and of course, there was nothing worth mentioning that dared to cover this most recent revelation.

Peter Rost said...

Dear Anonymous (or should I call you Yaco?):

I don't think it is very surprising that HuffPo hasn't covered this.

After all, there are no naked ladies, movie stars, or anything else that is required to make it into the Huffington Post news section.

And as you can tell, most HuffPo readers seem to come to my site sooner or later, just like you!


Anonymous said...

Huffpo did you a favor.
You've got a real blogger style. More personal, less political. I like that.
I don't believe your style is a good fit for Huffpo. Ever!
A lot of people read your blog. They don't comment because of the trolls.
If the trolls ever get tired and leave, you'll have a lot of good commentary.
Your posts are good to very good.
Some are "Right On!".

Peter Rost said...

Heartofdarkness: I'm blushing all the way down to my toes. Those comments are what makes it worthwhile to keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Not Yaco but what was done is done. I just can't shake the feeling that Pfizer had a vested interest in reducing your readership... You are too good. I will try to stay off the dope late at night, maybe I just read too much into your story.

Peter Rost said...

Aw shush, now I'm blushing again. Did I suggest the nickname Yaco? I just slipped typing . . .