Friday, July 07, 2006

HuffPo's People Ranker

Per suggestion from a brilliant reader, I went to Huffington Post's EAT THE PRESS and filled in Rost, Huffington, Yako-Mink, Peretti, on HuffPo's People Ranker (left hand side of the screen),

This was the result:


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm soooo brillant - I gotta wear shades, lmao. Let's just say I was feeling inspired this a.m., while humming a catchy tune - don't worry, be happy...

Argon said...

The People Ranker is compiled by Google so I doubt Yaco Mink can mess with it as easily. I tried the same thing and was wondering why it didn't have a result for him, then I figured it was misspelled and took out the hyphen, then it showed 8.

The People Ranker apparently works with anything so I just started putting random words in it to see what I'd get and even my own name got more than 8.

I'm not sure what the significance of it is, but it's a pretty graph even thought it doesn't seem especially useful.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool. One does have to wonder why Arianna is so blind to what is going on in her site. Or whether she is one of those who fit this description.

None so blind as those who refuse to see.