Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Best Part About This Blog . . .

. . . is the readers. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have the best and the smartest readers and the replies are often better than the posts.

Take a look at the responses to Mercy Killings in New Orleans? and Shot With a Taser.

For the first post I'd like to especially highlight the link to the post Blessed are the Merciful on Bitch Ph.D.

I also can agree with those who think using a taser five times on a drunk may be more violence than necessary.

In fact, I went back to those two video arrests on Shot With a Taser and I noticed a similarity.

Both people were shot with the taser several times, when they didn't put their hands behind their backs, but both people also told the police they couldn't move their arms and do that, probably because they had just been shot with a taser.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately cops have this "us or them" mentality. And if you don't go along them they immediately go into 'screw you' thinking. They seem to, for the most part, have the inabilitgy to stop and reason and get into this idiocy of that sort of thinking.

BUT when confronted with a serious threat they get all cowardly real fast.

Take Columbine. The SWAT team(supposedly trained to go in and save lives) REFUSED to go into the school to rescue students because they were frightened. The official reason was, of course protection of the lives of the officers. So while students were being killed they were busy wetting them selves.

BUT when they go into a house with sleeping occupants and get all macho, that is when you see the true cowardice of the SWAT teams.

Same thing with the North Hollywood bank shoot out. When there are real bullets being fired back at them, they suddenly are not so tuff. They hide and try and figure out what they can do without getting hurt or having to actually put their lives on the line.

Don't get me wrong, I think cops have a very difficult job and a dangerous one, but that doesn't excuse the type of thinking we see all to often in these circumstances.

Oh well, that's my rant.