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Kremlin and the Censors at Huffington Post

I couldn't help but think of Huffington Post when I read an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday called "How U.S. Citizens Mysteriously March For Kremlin Causes."

In the article we learned that the Kremlin propaganda machine pays U.S. citizens to demonstrate in favor of issues they support, then they film the demonstrations and show them to Russian citizens.

And of course the similarity with the Huffington Post is that Arianna Huffington tries to create the same warped reality for her readers.

When the responses to her blog post "Setting the Record Straight: On Trolls, Moles, and Dis-Invited Bloggers" didn't fit her distorted picture of herself and Huffington Post, her censors (they call them editors at HuffPo) went to work.

To read a real time description of how this played out, read the replies to my post Arianna Huffington is a Lying Liar. Here's the Proof.

Censorship IS unamerican, Arianna.


Blogger Michael Brereton said...

Peretti said these words:

"the fact that Rost is demanding an investigation or a denial is offensive."

This make me sick - it is a tactic of the corrupt and underhanded to feign offense when someone says that something needs looking at in greater detail. Why did he not say "we welcome an investigation because that will only prove that we are right"?

This tactic is the exact opposite of what (I'm guessing) everyone who reads HuffPo believes in. It is the exact opposite of what HuffPo was created for. If this man is at the helm of HuffPo he needs to go, or HuffPo needs to abort, retry or fail.

"This loud clumsy thing is a weapon of the enemy. We do not need it. We will not use it." - Frank Miller

An update on my appeal to Harry Shearer of HuffPo's "Eat The Press" - My comment has appeared on HuffPo, after a delay of only an hour or so! Everyone please feel free to add to the appeal if you think it is worth it. If he is unwilling to do an investigation, no one will.


Blogger the WIZARD, fkap said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger the WIZARD, fkap said...

Dr. Rost, There is great truth in what you write. The HuffPo editors certainly do selectively choose replies to shape the opinion of the discussion.

Read my experience here: the WIZARD, fkap: An Open Letter to John Seery

Anonymous Anonymous said... banned me again within minutes for posting the following to as there is incredible censorship going on there:

The following was posted in the comments section of the various blog entries by Peter Rost via

Dear Mr. Rost,

I was able to get in a post or two to your blog at (the one about the Rendon Group as I posted the Rolling Stone article link and the additional links about Bamford as well). has been banning me for making posts about Mearsheimer and Walt (and similar) like the following one:

Why aren't we discussing this Mearsheimer/Walt segment on the pro-Israel lobby which aired on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' this morning?:


The following includes the comments page at which I posted what was mentioned above:

Here is a tiny URL for the above one:

By: HPcensoringtruthhere on June 24, 2006 at 03:01pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They are censoring anything on Israel because, the Zionists know the jig is up thats obvious.

Israel and the Zionists can't hide or play the blame game now that they've ruined our country, via neocon intervention.

Those losers are all the same now, just like the trolls such as returnofdrevil2, Al Rogers, Nan Ellen of the Daily "KOS" propaganda press.


Very much agree with the above.. My HPCensoringBigTime Username was just banned at for posting on pages 1 and 2 of the comments at about the Zionist war for Israel agenda and the Mearsheimer/Walt paper on the pro-Israel lobby segment which aired on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' program this past Friday..

Abraham Foxman (of the ADL) was hammered hard by the caller (a lady with the Brit accent calling from London) on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' this morning as she mentioned the USS Liberty attack/cover-up ( and Paul Findley's 'There Dare to Speak Out' book and Jim Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book as well (both the Mearsheimer/Walt and Abraham Foxman segments can be viewed online via the links at the following URL):,WJE&ArchiveDays=30

Here is the tiny URL for the above one:

Additional at following URLs about how MSNBC's Keith Olbermann dissed the Mearsheimer/Walt paper:

MSNBC's Olbermann Disses Mearsheimer and Walt Critique:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got banned again minutes after posting the following at via and other blog entries there (incredible censorship still going on as mentioned prior):

JINSA/PNAC Neocon Richard Perle: Why Did Bush Blink on Iran?:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you were banned, you're a fucking idiot. Maybe your anti-Israel ramblings wouldn't be censored if you posted them a story ABOUT Israel. You'd still be an idiot, but you'd be an idiot on topic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not being censored. You are being edited.

HuffPost is Arianna's entity, and comes with a point of view. Surprised? That's why you have your own blog, so you can edit yourself as you choose.

You were clearly an unhappy camper at HP, so why are you so absolutely totally wigged out that you were shown the door?

You protest a bit too much...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got banned yet again for posting what I did on page 1 of the comments at the following blog entry (as censorship is still very much alive at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Of course you were banned, you're a fucking idiot. Maybe your anti-Israel ramblings wouldn't be censored if you posted them a story ABOUT Israel. You'd still be an idiot, but you'd be an idiot on topic.


The above by another Israel firster I would assume?

Blogger eurydiceInHades said...

Yes, now HuffPost is censoring their postings. That is Democracy ala Michael Huffington, NOT Ariana Huffington.
They say that they "read" every posting before posting it, and that causes a delay?
I haven't seen any Trolls being censored, or any PRO-Israel bloggers being censored. Could it be that HuffPost has a pro-Israel agenda? I will be eager to see whether this post (that I also posted to HuffPost) gets posted or if the diligent readers (the ones who have made sure there are no comments on the comment page for the Bill Clinton in Harlem article) lose it along with so many others.

I guess Trolls and right-wingers provide entertainment value, and serious debate is discouraged. Or are some bloggers just deemed beyond criticism?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To respond to eurydice, it's the exact opposite.

I posted some not-anti Israeli opinions in the blogs three weeks ago, and since they they will not post my blog responses (Dendroica is my username at Huffpo.)

The place has turned into a madhouse, and I think they need to change their policies, or at least be honest about them.

If Ariana knew what they were doing in her name, she'd have a fit. Or at least, I'd like to think that, but I'm no longer sure...

Blogger FrustratedDemInNH said...

I, too have been banned at FluffyPo, primarily challenging the Obamanation on their irrational and insulting hostility toward the Clintons. My site is
Would love to have people join me in open dialog about anything. Won't be moderated or censored. And no one will be banned.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was banned last week from huffington Post. I had published only 2 postings. Here's what they said and you tell me why it is important to never see or read the information. I wrote that a company called CDI Controlled Demolition Inc was doing "work" inside the World Trade Centers on Sat Sept 8th and Sun Sept 9th 2001. Hundreds saw this company coming and going the entire weekend. What was different about that weekend? For the first time in the near 40 year history of the WTC's there was a complete "power down" on only the very tops of the buildings. To more was at the very level at which the supposed planes had struck the buildings and above. For that I have been banned from ever typing at Huffington Post ever again. I wonder why? Knowing the 911 was a complete and total orchestrated murder would put a damper on our so called war on terror and the other Trillions of dollars worth of illegal causes the US government has been engaged in since then. All talk of 911 is banned. Why? Because then we would know the "Big Lie". Everything that Bush has done since rigging the elections in 2000 would become perfectly clear....and devistating at the same time.


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