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Greg Gutfeld on HuffPo Comes to My Defense!!!

OK, I wasn't going to blog more today, but what the heck, this is important.

Here's what HuffPo blogger Gutfeld says: "You invited Peter Rost to blog, let an employee mock him, then ragged on Rost for defending himself! You banned and mocked him for blogging about personal issues, and then after demeaning him, you invite him back to the party!"

Here's what a reply says: "You know what's funny? Dr. Rost's claim to fame is that he was one of rare whistleblowers in Pharma. So you can argue that his area of expertise is also whistleblowing. So by whistleblowing on the troll inside HuffPo, he was really staying within the realm of his expertise. I mean didn't the HuffPo hire Dr. Rost because he was a whistleblower to begin with? No other Pharma execs have been invited to blog here."

Nuts About The Huffington Post! (68 comments )

Here at the Huffpo, all sense of normalcy has been thrown out the window. This place is nuts. Not just funny nuts but wacky nuts - what people in medical circles call "open robe" nuts.

(Meaning: nuts enough to walk around with your robe open. Also called "Normal Mailer Nuts").

It wasn't always like this on the left.

In the Clinton era of "people politics", there was this theory that if you put up reasonable sounding individuals like Lanny Davis and Leon Pannetta, you could sway voters. Even Lanny's name sounded approachable. And "Pannetta?" Well, that brings to mind a mini-pizza you might order as an appetizer. At a dimly lit bistro.

(With someone you just met!)

But now that era is gone.

I would call it a "bygone" era.

The left has gone nuts. Take the Huff Post, which recently blasts a man because the contents of his blog don't fit within his area of expertise. He is a pharmaceutical consultant, so he shouldn't be blogging about anything but drugs. Fine. I don't blog unless I am on drugs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Rost,

Another blog post just went up about you over on HuffPo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perretta answers back Dr. Rost, but doesn't seem to want to hear anyone with a disparaging opinion. He won't allow any of my comments to appear and I've been very polite, just disagreed with him.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Nice to see, although the fact you are being defended by Greg is sort of wierd. But then again, most of his post have always left like he is just posting because he can. I rarely see anything he says that is worth anything more than skimming over.

BUT nonetheless, it's still a topic over there. One would venture that at this point several thousand if not tens of thousands, if you believe the traffic, have read about this.

I wonder what your traffic numbers have been like?

Anyway, keep it up. This is fascinating to see the Huffpost try and excuse this away.

No different than when they blast the Bush administration and rightly so, for attacking the messenger and diverting from the message.

Sort of the old magicians trick of slight of hand.

I seriously wonder if Arianna really has a grasp of her site or is just collecting the money.

If she has become the Bush of Huffingtonpost. A figurehead totally out of touch with what is really wrong.

Anonymous bebop said...

Sweet! ibot is now officially banned from posting on the HuffPo. I know because I'm ibot. I guess I need to spoof my ip. I think I'll make 10 or so accounts like their editors and tech guys and post all my opinions 10 times pretending to be different people who happen to follow the same logic and have the same writing style. You fuckers want war? I know a thing or two. Bring it bitches!!!!

Anonymous bebop said...

Jonah Peretti? You mean the co-founder of Huffpo and a personal friend of Yaco Jonah Peretti?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A suggestion for non-hackers looking to get hackers to attack the Huffpo. Most talented hackers seem to be kids under 18. They all play online games. If you play games like warcraft, starcraft or counterstrike, name a character HuffPoROCKS or Yaco@HuffPo, and do nothing but team kill. For those unfamiliar, that means just being a troll and killing your own teammates exclusively. This will piss off all the people on your team, and if you're lucky, one of those angry kids will try to do something about it. Something they will not get prosecuted for because they're kids.

Anonymous sunrunner said...

Poetic justice, that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Jonah Peretti. Sorry I mispelled his name the first time.

I've started emailing my comments each time to HuffPo when they're not posted and asking for an explanation of why. They haven't replied once yet but they are posting more of my comments. I'd suggest others might also start creating a paper trail rather than just putting up with being banned.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jonah Parrenti has just posted over at HuffPo. Tried to comment, so far it is not out. Gotta read it yourself!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I know i said no mo huff po but i could not resist)

Mr Peretti,

You state: "This would have been a minor faux pas but Rost decided to publicly challenge Andy and the HuffPost instead of speaking to us directly about his concerns. He suggested Andy manipulated the comment ranking and even presented "facts" to support this claim. As someone who designed the comment voting system, I can tell you that Rost's claims do not explain why Andy's comment was promoted. Andy did not manipulate the comments and the fact that Rost is demanding an investigation or a denial is offensive. Why would a contributor writing for the site assume that there is a "mole" trying to sabotage him? Isn't the most logical conclusion that a few HuffPost readers appreciated Andy's sarcastic response and voted his comment up?"

I seriously doubt that Yacco's comments just happened to be voted up. Are you just completely unaware of the support the Doc has on this site? This happened three days ago and your readership is still talking about it. What you all fail to realize is how much smarter we are than your little Yacco. You say he was just giving his opinion, but doesn't Huff Po have to justify that their readers aren't just skimming the site but are actually spending some serious time on the site, like say at least 20 minutes. Maybe, and I am pretty sure your staff is engaging in this practice, your staff purposely posts inane comments to piss off the readership just so we will take the time to respond to who we think are just ignorant readers but in actualityy are worse then trolls they are home grown plants. I am disgusted with your defense of Yacco but it does not surprise me since you are one of the co-founders and are just trying to cover your ass so your readers won't know what is really going on. And just in case you try and ban me, I will post this on Mr Rosts site as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Mr Peretti's comments section
re his article, "Peter Rosts Accusations"

Ebtide wrote:
"I don't have a stand on the Rost thing. It is rather inconsequential to me.What I want to know is why when I post on the blogs, the comments are not posted and if they are posted, they are posted HOURs after I wrote the post. LOL
No one has addressed this, and I am not the only one who has the problem.
Should not the HUff Post, at the very least, give us some insight as to why this happens? Or is that just too burdensome to take on? How about a little information posted publically for your loyal visitors?
I fully expect this post to be not posted. The Huff Post needs to be very clear on it's criteria for deleting--often times it is quite arbitrary."

Lets think about this for a minute... hmmm so your comments take hours but Yaccos took minutes, abuse of power? noooooo? no! absolutely not, that's what Mr Perretti is trying to explain here. But of course they can't explain the way their comment system works. It's quite obvious they are only posting comments that are on the far right (to provoke readers to respond and therefore spend time on the site wich = more mula for huff po from advertisers) or they post commnents that are not too scathing. Now they are censoring/blocking readers comments because the shit is catching up with them. And I totally don't expect to have this posted either. But maybe I will get lucky. (doubt it)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They are censoring anything on Israel because, the Zionists know the jig is up thats obvious.

Israel and the Zionists can't hide or play the blame game now that they've ruined our country, via neocon intervention.

Those losers are all the same now, just like the trolls such as returnofdrevil2, Al Rogers, Nan Ellen of the Daily "KOS" propaganda press.


Very much agree with the above.. My HPCensoringBigTime Username was just banned at for posting on pages 1 and 2 of the comments at about the Zionist war for Israel agenda and the Mearsheimer/Walt paper on the pro-Israel lobby segment which aired on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' program this past Friday..

Abraham Foxman (of the ADL) was hammered hard by the caller (a lady with the Brit accent calling from London) on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' this morning as she mentioned the USS Liberty attack/cover-up ( and Paul Findley's 'There Dare to Speak Out' book and Jim Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book as well (both the Mearsheimer/Walt and Abraham Foxman segments can be viewed online via the links at the following URL):,WJE&ArchiveDays=30

Here is the tiny URL for the above one:

Additional at following URLs about how MSNBC's Keith Olbermann dissed the Mearsheimer/Walt paper:

MSNBC's Olbermann Disses Mearsheimer and Walt Critique:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got banned again minutes after posting the following at via and other blog entries there (incredible censorship still going on as mentioned prior):

JINSA/PNAC Neocon Richard Perle: Why Did Bush Blink on Iran?:


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