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Pity the poor pharmaceutical sales rep . . .

That's not my headline, it is one CNNMoney penned.

But if you read what Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler has to contribute to how sales reps can be more effective it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy:

"Jeffrey Kindler said it was more effective for a sales rep to spend 30 minutes meeting with a doctor every couple weeks than to make more frequent, but brief, visits to the office to drop off samples. Kindler did not explain how the rep would win this coveted half-hour with the doctor."

We all understand Jeff's wishful thinking, and we'd all love to hear the feed-back he gets on that idea on his first ride-along with a real, breathing sales rep. Because, clearly, he hasn't done one of those.


Anonymous heknows said...

Yes, Jeff your brainyness, it would work if she the rep. looked like Jasica Simpson or Paris Hilton (herself playing another version of simple reps life) and would not bother the doc with drug talk, but supply him with little blue pill before the visit, for the 30 minutes "sales call". However what would they do for a female doctor?
Now you know why he is getting those mega$$$ plus 36% increase.

Blogger Dr. BK said...

For the female MD, they have a very cute yell leader who comes in, as buff as possible, and as DUMB as a stone. Now, at our University, the reps are not allowed to troll the doctors offices or send emails. However, they still do both.. stealthily. The 3 lunches the reps provided are now ILLEGAL, and they can only present certain ground rounds, but they can't feed us anymore. So the hospital who is in the red all the time - NOW HAS TO PAY ITSELF FOR THE LUNCHES!!! However, breakfasts for the residents, still go on, they just hide it in an office, instead of having the table with the drug rep standing in the HALL!! The rep sets up the breakfast, leaves samples, literature, pens and then HAS TO LEAVE... how stupid is this>??? Does this help????

All the limits in the world, the evidence is in favor of Jeff. The residents prescribe the expensive new and latest drugs THAT OUR PUBLICALLY FUNDED OR PATIENTS WITH NO FUNDING can NOT afford upon release, and they, the consequences of this greatly effects our culture.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, there are male sales reps as well, so the female doctors need not feel left out. What I would want to know is this: who is getting what 36% increase and megabucks? Doctors still face a reduction of Medicare reimbursement fees. This years' reduction was voted out in Congress, but next year we are facing the same problem again. This is the effect for me, a Medicare patient.I could not get an American doctor to take me when I moved here. My Indian doctor is now making the same noises. She has worked SOOO HARD and is not getting paid. She will let go of most of her Medicare patients. I pay $100 per month in Medicare premium plus 20% on every bill. I also paid Medicare and
Social Security all my working life. So, when I see my Indian doctor, once every four months, I have already paid $ 400.--. And, again, I, and my husband, a neurosurgeon, paid top dollars all our working life as well in taxes. We need a change in HEALTH INSURANCE and we need to stop paying healthcare fees sothat illegals can get medical care for free. An Idea? Those problems, by the way, appear similar, to me, to the ones in pharmaceutical sales. Fully insured patients are dropped when they need care. See California Nurses Association published cases, a.o.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for prescriptions, this is my experience. Whenever I come into the doctors' office with a little problem, say sniffling, she says, oh, I will prescribe you this and that for the problem. She does not really investigate where the problem originates. I always come out with handfuls of scripts, most of which I totally ignore. Sometimes there are problems with prescriptions, at least for me, such as with Actonel. I think that one may cause metabolic problems and anemia in some patients. But, once prescribed, it keeps being pushed. I just went through endless series of tests in the hospital, even at 20% of the bill quite expensive for me, and I do not hear any outcomes. What I did get is more prescriptions. I do not take those unles I get an explanation and proof that I have to take that. My day is already full of glasses of water with pills. I would like to do something different than swallowing pills and water. Like dance, maybe?

Anonymous swissinsider said...

Someone already suggested that the line between the Columbian-Mexican drug cartels (their CEOs called drug lords) and Big pharma (their CEOs called Jeff and others) is fast getting invisable and soon to be erased.
Example by dr.bk, although very mild at this time, maybe an indication of things so come. They alreay do lot of illegal, misguided things, like off label promo, bribes etc. Once they get baned from most places they will resort to Columbian drug lords methods and go underground.
How do you hide a Peris Hilton type of drug rep. with her outfits, fancy detail bag, samples and generous expence accounts. It ain't easy but can be done. Just ask Jeff,bet he allredy has ideas to match that of 30' sales call every two weeks.
That is why they pay him and his types on all levels of big pharma food chain, those big bucks.
Just look at Doc Dany at Novartis, 44 million Swiss francs as base salary. He also has some fancy ideas how to get to those docs. Novartis reps rate very high in the war against cometition, regulations and gudelines. If you could see them in action would be very nice but they are almost invisable, all 6-10 in each and every sales territory.


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