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Pfizer panics: Genotropin PR spin is failing

The following message has been entered systematically on various posts on Pfizer's message board at Cafe Pharma yesterday. It appears to reflect the increasing panic within Pfizer management, when their PR-spin on the Genotropin settlement failed.

It also represents the kind of innuendo and libel I’ve had to live with for the past few years, systematically communicated to the press by Pfizer management, and also spread anonymously in hateful messages on Pfizer’s message board.

Please do not forget what the New York Times, wrote on December 2, 2005, after I’d been fired: “Mr. Fitzhenry also remarked that Mr. Rost had been the vice president in charge of marketing genotropin at Pfizer, so that he was essentially blowing the whistle on his own conduct.”

So the write-up below follows Pfizer’s official line. And this is the company the DOJ is praising in a press release.

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

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Re: A true victory for Pfizer's retaliation victims!!!!

Peter Rost is a joke!!!! He played the corporate game and did exactly what he's chastising his former employer of doing. He did nothing to lower prices or address out of pocket costs for patients for three expensive medications that he was responsible for at Pharmacia (Dostinex, Genotropin, and Somavert). He’s a control freak now obsessed with the fact that he doesn’t have a corporate role and was asked to leave not by his choice. Peter has worked hard for two years in trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame. The Pfizer settlement now means his crusade is coming to an end.

The problem is that he continually makes a fool of himself by twisting the truth and creating fictional stories. I've said it before and I'll say it again, He was the captain of that Pharmacia endocrine ship and knew along what was going down with the business he ran. He can’t claim responsibility for Pharmacia/Pfizer business success under his direction unless he was involved during that 2001-2003 time period. Peter, why did you wait so long to blow the whistle if you knew so much or was so righteous? Maybe it’s because you only seized upon an opportunity to try to show some type of value to Pfizer in order to get a job. After all, Pharmacia had already uncovered impropriety in your group back in 2001 when Fred conducted a company wide investigation. Why would Peter take credit for a business that was being run so improperly?

Rost wants to selectively remember or communicate only those elements that portray him as the hero or victim depending on his self promoting spin. Those of us that worked with him know better. He was neither! It is interesting that both Rost and Wills, whom were not offered positions at Pfizer, have tried to collaborate together on this issue. Rost ran the marketing side and Wills ran the outcomes group (KIGS/KIMS/ACROSTUDY), yet both are crying foul on business they were responsible. Rost talks about that illegal January 2003 national KIGS/KIMS meeting in Puerto Rico, yet he attended that conference although in a pretty drunk’ in state. It’s also interesting that his previous U.S. marketing director was let go as a result of improper business practices. Carl was under Peter’s supervision, yet he was supporting all that anti-aging business in TX and FL with the help of a group in Canada

If Peter had any legitimate claim against Pfizer as a “whistle blower”, he would have gotten his share of the $34 Million and recognized as the source by the government. Obviously, Pfizer went to the government first or else Peter would have had a case. Common Peter, why don’t you sue the government?

Today, 12:25 AM

Re: A true victory for Pfizer's retaliation victims!!!!


true to Pfizer policy the prvious post continues to spin the company line. We've heard it a million times and we will hear it a million more. You would like us to believe that this was all some self-serving plot set up by Dr. Rost when you once again totally ignore the outcomes of this investigation and the other 2 CIA's. Thats right I know..that was Warner Lambert and Pharmacia crap right? Why is it that you guys continue to overlook what is a constant problem at Pfizer? Look at the results. If it walks like a duck....quacks like a duck... You know the rest. And the rest of story is flat out that Pfizer is guilty..AGAIN. Wasn't it Jeff Kindler who stood up in St. Louis and and said there is still too much retaliation going on in the company? Didnt he recieve a standing applause for this? (the only one of the day) You can spin all you want Marie. You can spin all you want Paul F. You can spin all you want Alan. You can spin all you want Jeff. You can spin all you want Gertrude. cannot spin the outcomes of the investigations. You cannot spin the fact that Pfizers actions against Rost were totally and completely consistant with harassment, hostilities, ....the list goes on. I am quite certain that Bextra will be next. What will you say about that whistleblower?

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