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Comments on CafePharma about Pfizer settlement.

Here are the comments today on CafePharma, Pfizer's message board for sales reps. Certain words, have been redacted, click on link if you want to read the unaltered statements.

"Thank you" -a note to Dr. Rost
Hello Peter-At the risk of being corny, a big "thank you" to you for all you have done in your fight over the past couple of years. You have proven time and again that Pfizer is only doing away with the messenger, not with fixing the problem. You have made many proud..and I think you know that you have given a voice to many who have faced the same treatment you have. It couldn't have been easy. Then again doing the right thing hardly ever is. And you did do the right thing Dr. Rost. I know it and most importantly you know it. People all over this industry know it. I hope you were able to celebrate this victory. Money is money...but the truth and integrity are truly the most valuable. Thanks for never giving up! Don't ever give up!!!!!!!!

HAHA! Peter beat you Pfizer!! How does it feel Marie Caroline-Sianpy?
All you doubters, all you haters. How does it feel? You f-----g should be ashamed of yourselves. Now Peter is gonna kick Pfizers blue a-- again in court when his retaliation case comes to out. Marie Caroline-Sainpy, Jeff K, Hank M...the list goes on and on. It was a calssic in the making. Rost exposed Pfizers retaliation methods..and he has the last laugh. Finally one for the god guys. F--k you all outside councel. You are just as much a part of this as the idiots at Pharmacia who okayed all of this.

PFIZER PLEADS GUILTY.....AGAIN!!!! (Thanks Peter!!!!!)
Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! The a--holes in midtown have been nailed..AGAIN! Will this result in a 3rd CIA? Will Pfizer's outside lawyer group have to cover up for them again?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?Feels so good to know that Pfizer is not what Pfizer presents itself to be. Bottom line is this. Pfizer is now a 3 time felon. 3 Cheers for Dr. Rost!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Rost, M.D. For President 08!
Dr. Rost-Please do us the honor of running for President of the United States in 2008. We need a man like you in office. A man of true courage and skill. Your voice for healthcare reform comes from years of experience and would serve our great nation well. I am so proud of you and want to be one of the first to congratulate you on the DoJ decision today. Keep up the fight. Thanks for all you have done and the inspiration you have provided. Don't give up..ever!!!

A true victory for Pfizer's retaliation victims!!!!
Well well well. Guess Dr. Rost was right. I bet all of you stupid f---s who bashed him feel pretty stupid right about now. That includes you Paul Fitzhenry. You not only should feel pretty stupid, but you look pretty stupid as well. Hey Marie Caroline-Sainpy! This ones for you..F--K YOU!!!!! I am laughing my a-- off right now at the entire pfizer legal department and the "outside" lawyer group. Criminal bastards. This one feels great! On a serious note. All those who have felt the wrath of the pfizer retaliation machine. Take a deep breath and a smile...there is justice in the world.

Pfire Kindler, Hire Rost
I thought Pfizer had a core value of integrity?I think integrity means stepping up to the plate in the face of adversity, hanging tough, staying true to your core and not ever..and I mean ever giving up. Seems like Peter is our man. Wasn't Kindler head of retaliation, I mean legal during all of this?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much as I deplore the vulgarity of the Pfizer board at CafePharma (why is the Pfizer board so especially ghastly, I wonder?), I fully endorse the spirit of every one of the comments you have reproduced here (if not the depressingly poor launguage or levels of illiteracy used to express them). I look forward to further installments of this unbelievable sequence of events.


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