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Peter Rost, M.D., is a former Pfizer Marketing Vice President providing services as a medical device and drug expert witness and pharmaceutical marketing expert. Judge Sanders: "The court agrees with defendants' view that Dr. Rost is a very adept and seasoned expert witness." He is also the author of Emergency Surgery, The Whistleblower and Killer Drug. You can reach him on rostpeter (insert symbol) Please read the terms of use agreement and privacy policy for this blog carefully.

Whistleblowing 101: a living breathing case study

Cutting Edge Information (CEI), a leader in pharmaceutical business intelligence, provides guidance on how to overcome many of these complexities through its extensive pharmaceutical marketing report library.

Here is one of eminent PharmaGossip's suggestions for a great module: "The Whistleblower."

Thank you Insider, and perhaps that is something I could spend some time working on?

But would any drug company hire me to talk about this?

I'm not sure they're smart enough to do that, after all, they like to behave like ostriches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see new research initiatives into novel combinations of existing drugs. My first suggestion would be a sildenafil/finasteride compound. Imagine the marketing verbatim as the representative described it to the physician: "Doctor, I can guarantee that 85% of your patients will experience hair regrowth that is straightup and firm. How many patients this week can you think of that will benefit from a prescription of Hirsutia?"


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