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All time high for this blog: 15,000 hits yesterday.

Wow. Last year I changed the format of this blog and changed the name, to "Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost."

And there's been lots of action since then. Yesterday came an all-time high, beating last week's 8,000 hits in a single day, coming in at OVER 15,000 PAGE LOADS!

Thank you, all, for visiting.

If anything can be learned from this it is that "make love, not war," still applies. The forbidden Cicarelli video handily outsold the uncensored Saddam hanging. And that's good news. I mean, that people rather watch people making you-know-what, than watch people hanging people.

But some readers have been concerned that this site is turning into the National Enquirer and will lose its political edge.

Have no fear.

After all, what does the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg News, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, Forbes and hundreds of other newspapers recently have in common with the Dr. Peter Rost blog?

They all covered the Daniela Cicarelli affair in Brazil.

The only difference is that I did it faster, and with pictures and video. They can't do that in newspapers.

I know a few of my most cherished readers had a hickup when I wrote about this story. But when most of a country shuts down access to the Internet for one single provider-YouTube--that is pretty big news. Even when the news involves sex in the sea.

One reader wrote that I was ruining my "cred."

I hope not. This blog was renamed last year to "Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost." It means exactly that. This blog will approach any topic in which it can undress the rich, the powerful, the Democrats, the Republicans, the FDA, the CEOs, the saints, the do-gooders the same way. Whomever it is.

Welcome to "Question Authority." We don't discriminate among the people we expose on this blog.

Here are some comments from a few of the new readers:

hello. I'm from brazil.. and I care about that.
brazil was responsable of 19,1% of youtube subscribes...
so, I'm worried and nervous about this atittude, youtube is more than a simple site of sharing videos, is a way to express yourself.
there are videos about cientic things, culture of nations, news, ... a lot of interesting things...
Daniella Cicarelli is a joke... her video never will be delete from cyberspace.
I hope its stop soon...
thanks for your blog.

Posted by Gilciana to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/09/2007 08:00:41 AM

This is my first time in your blog and as brazilian i'm very happy to see the polemic video of Cicarelli here. Your blog is turning famous in Brasil, look:,,OI1337230-EI4802,00.html . This new was posted in one of the most popular Brasil's site ( Lucky man!!

Posted by Anonymous to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/09/2007 07:21:17 AM

Hello Dr. Peter Rost,

I've read your comments about the Youtube case in the Brazilian media.

Yes, this block is affecting around five millions. And, yes, it's a joke. Outrageous!

To whoever thinks "Who Cares": If you don't know, brazilians are world recordists of online time. And youtube is the 10th site most accessed in the entire world AND it's like the 5th most accessed in Brazil.
Brazil might be a "fucked up joke", but it's my country and I would like to ask some respect in name of 100+ millions of brazilians that live in here. It's not our fault that Cicarelli is a dickhead AND some judges have no common sense.

Posted by Rodolfo Andrade to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/09/2007 06:55:01 AM

Some days I love your site and some days I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Some days you show what a scary investigator you are as well. And ya know what, I would imagine TMZ would be hard pressed to beat you when it comes to celebrity investigative ability.
Love this site.

Posted by Rosethejet to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/09/2007 01:49:59 AM

Hi, I live in Brazil where my ISP, the largest ISP in my region, has been forced to restrict my access to youTube because of some wet dog in heat F***ing on the beach. I am not a regular visitor to youTube, but it makes me feel like I am in China, where the government dictates what is good for me. Maybe next time she’ll have the common sense to get a motel room instead of getting me hot and steamy because now I can’t access youTube.

Posted by Anonymous to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/08/2007 08:42:33 PM

I'm from Brazil and I did watch this video once. They're in a beach. Full of people. Cicarelli always wants publicity, specially after her broke up with Ronaldo, because she lost several contracts. And that stupid judge is helping her. BTW Youtube is still working here (Sao Paulo State)

Posted by Anonymous to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/08/2007 07:04:20 PM

The lawsuit was probably funded by Malzoni for two reasons:

1) It's professionally embarassing for HIM to be licking this girl in public and then covering his schlong with seaweed at the end because he apparently took a double dose of Cialis and can't put it back in his pants.

2) Getting it banned is going to be best possible publicity for Daniella who will now rocket to international fame overnight. Just watch her become bigger than Paris Hilton in a matter of weeks.

Posted by Anonymous to Question Authority with Dr. Peter Rost at 1/08/2007 05:38:26 PM


Blogger insider said...


Dont forget your old friends.


Anonymous Alex said...

Oh we get it Doc. It's not really about Daniela and her paramour.

It's about censorship.

NIce lead-in though. Afterall, I believe I pointed out a month or two back that there was a correlation when you posted a picture of a nice woman, the comments flow (and the hits too it seems).


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