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We finally got some snow in NJ!

But I guess some people never learn. Here's a video from Portland, two days ago. Snow tires, anyone heard of such things? Oh yeah, this is the US, we're too lazy to do that. The rest of the industrialized world with snow do change tires every winter, though. We came up with a more convenient model: SUVs.


Anonymous Anonymous said... got to see Hipster Know-it-alls in the Seattle area think that they could drive on Queen Anne hill during the last snow/ice storm. Pretty amazing, isn't it? The sad thing is that their clueless lunacy will persist after all this stuff melts and manifest itself (they'll take a break from wrecking cars and go after what was once a pleasant, polite and livable city) by making us listen to their "common sense" and "obvious solutions". I really miss the days when so many of us in this area could hop into the snowtire-equipped-Volvo for a safe and short drive to Ballard for some fresh lefsa while listening to Stan Boreson. But then again, we were nothing but a bunch of backyard Scandinavians who had yet to be converted to "The Modern World". It's not all bad though. My friend, Amundson, who owns a body shop will continue to make a ton of money!

Blogger Pharma Giles said...

Doc, we're just as dumb in the UK.

Oh, I forgot. We're not an industrialised nation any more...

Still, I'll be out with a camera should we get any snow this year. I reckon I could better your video...

Blogger Janine said...

Hey, that's not entirely fair. We only get snow in Portland about once a year, and not usually this much. So most people don't need snow tires; the ones who do have them are those who go up into the mountains to play in the real snow.

Also, it may not be obvious in that video but that's a very steep hill. Several people have told me that they doubt that snow tires or even chains would have helped all that much. Now, how smart it was to drive down it is obviously open to question, but people here just don't have much experience with snow and ice on the road. It's not like they understood how bad it was but thought their SUVs were invulnerable.

In the audio for that video you can hear a woman ask what I suppose are complete strangers, and men no less, for help getting her kids out of her car. How many large-ish cities are still safe enough for someone to do that? I'll cut Portlanders some slack for lack of snow sense because I like being in a place where total strangers still help each other out.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Fair enough Janine about Portland, but, every time we have a bit more snow in NJ there is chaos. Every time. And schools close. If schools closed every time we had snow in Sweden, they would be closed three months every year . . .

Anonymous strappato said...

In Germany it is law that tires have to be appropriate to the weather conditions. So 75% of car owners are changing tires before winter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Seattle that sent me that exact same video. King 5 News is in Seattle. Seattle drivers are retarted, so, I beleive this is a video of Seattle traffic. (Eat your heart out Portland!)

Blogger Janine said...

Nope, it's definitely Portland. There was an article about it in the Oregonian today.

I definitely agree with you on the school closures, Peter. I used to live in New Hampshire, where you would think they would be totally used to inclement weather, and even there they would close for even a small amount of snow. I was told it was for the safety of kids walking to school, that they can't have the schools open unless the sidewalks are clear. Ok, except I almost never saw kids walking to school, and I don't see it here either. They either take the bus or get dropped off. I think the school administrators just want a snow day for themselves! :)

Blogger Janine said...

Here's a link to the article. I think it will turn into a pumpkin (that is, will cost money to read) after two weeks.


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