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Access denied!

Quite a few readers have asked what's been going on with this blog this week.

John Mack asked, Did the CIA Shut Down Question Authority?

Pharmagiles wrote, Access denied...?

So let me explain.

A blog is a party. People coming together, dropping in, hearing thoughts, jokes, news, whatever.

Having fun.

Most blogs are open to anyone--you want to join the party, step right in.

Some blogs, a few, are private, by invitation only.

This blog is open to anyone. That doesn't mean I necessarily enjoy everyone coming here. Most people I love having. A few I don't care so much for.

I mean, seriously, if you had a party and a lot of friends and curious onlookers came by, you'd enjoy it. But if you suddenly had visits by people paid to come by, just to check on you, you wouldn't like it so much.

Am I right?

But it's a blog you say, it's for everyone. This week, however, I've shown it isn't.

You see, most of those paid people work 9 to 6, east coast time, then they go home. And of course, they do use blog or RSS feeds.

So I decided to make a point. I cancelled the feed. I sent those paid people who keep coming here 9 to 6 to the CIA, to the NSA. And I'll keep sending them to fun places.

Of course, they could come here when the blog is open, in the evening, but it is more of a pain. And of course they will come. But I made my point.

So you may say . . . am I not alienating my regular readers?

Maybe, but hey, it's my blog. That's what makes it unique. I mean, I already outed one big D.C. law firm and the lawyers who came here, and they stopped using their office computers to access this blog. Switched to a private service after a failed attempt to use anonymizer services. That was fun.

Seriously, I think a blog should be interesting, creative, exciting.

But you should know this is no regular blog. Lots of people read it because they enjoy coming here, but others read it because it is their job to monitor what I do. They read it because they DON'T like the content.

So I think if unexpected things happen, like corporate spies reading this blog being sent to the CIA (by the way, the CIA encourages anyone to link to their site), that is simply hilarious.

What am I gonna come up with next week?

Dunno yet. Something crazy, I'm sure.

Come back tomorrow. See what happens and where this blog takes you . . .

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Blogger DietProzac said...

GENIUS! I've been a casual(once a week or so)reader for a couple of mo. but you've got my full everyday attention now.

NSA?? Well played Sir!

Blogger Argon said...

The Doc is just a Wild and Crazy guy and likes to keep us questioning I guess.

One day he's catering to the masses for popularity and the next he's making it harder for people to even view his page. Even if it would alienate some of them, it certainly keeps the readers on their toes.

Sort of a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde thing eh? That would fit in with the medical theme of the blog I suppose.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm more than willing to have my access denied every now and again if it gives the Doc a chance to screw a little more with the minds and strategies of the, what's the word Bush uses, "evil-doers" (they know who they are) who troll this sight at extortionate hourly rates on behalf of greedy drug company clients who don't give a rat's ass about patient access to care or health but are consumed with getting that extra $10 million more that they'll never be able to spend in their whole life. And for this the drug company, hospital, pharmacy benefit manager, etc. CEOs all bilk insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, govt. employee health plans and children's health insurance plans so that there's not enough money left for anyone but the first-served to get care while letting the taxpayers and the premium payers pick up the tab for the money that is sucked out by the vacuum in these executives' pockets.

To those of you sell-outs who monitor these and similar sites and do the bidding of the greedy monsters who employ you . . . I don't know how you sleep at night, but there is a special place in Hell alloted to you for your many "special" deeds in mortality.

To the doc . . . Go doc, go! It's so incredibly entertaining seeing what one very capable and ethically-driven man can do to an entire corrupt industry to the benefit of many millions of patients who will never know the source of their good fortune when things in this country finally begin to change in the realm of finally doing something about healthcare fraud and collusion. The only legitimate argument against socialized medicine has been access, but that's what the poor and uninsured are already facing everyday in this country, where only the rich have access and, honestly, in most socialized systems in Europe the rich supplement with private insurance and get the better access and care too-- but there everyone has coverage, prices are kept in check, and healthcare robber barrons have more limits on their fraud opportunties and depleting the funds others rely upon for life and death care of themselves and their loved ones.

Maybe we don't want true socialized medicine in this country, but we certainly want greedy corporate barrons to be flogged for stealing the money intended for others' life and death care, and I'll be the first to piss on the graves of the Kenneth Lays of the Healthcare arena-- beginning with the Hank McKinnell, Jeff Kindler, Karen Katen, David Shedlarz, Richard Clark (of Merck) types if we could only be so fortunate that they would also drop over in a Kenneth Lay-style "gift to the world". I await that day the way Cuban refugees in Florida await the passing of Fidel. But I feel no less strongly toward those corporate trolls and toadies monitoring this site in the employ of such weasels and sleeze . . . you trolls are the true "yuck!" of the world.

Anonymous shade said... I understand. And to think that I was so foolish as to be worried about you.

Anonymous Tisiwoota said...

Big firm lawyers working 9 to 6! Only? Wow, if only they weren't evil, I'd submit my resume there...


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