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"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose . . ."

Some of my readers don't think I should have fun with lawyers. After all, they are, um, lawyers.

And people in general are scared about lawyers, because lawyers sue other people for a living.

Those readers miss a very important fact: You can question authority and have fun when you are an unemployed bum, such as yours truly, with no resources except your wits, and your blog.

After all, civil litigation is about money. If you don't have it, litigation is meaningless. You wouldn't sue a homeless man if you tripped over him, would you? It's not like you'd collect a dime. No point. That's my point.

Once you lose it all, you actually become free. Free, just like me . . .

As Janis Joplin used to sing, "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose . . ."

Pretty cool I think: To be free.

And if you want that song live . . . here's Pink doing her version, and, I gotta tell you . . . wow, she's the closest I've heard to Joplin singing this tune. Yet, she keeps her own style. Pink; listen to her. You'll feel chills along your spine . . .

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Blogger Argon said...

You've already shown that we aren't dealing sensible people here, since those lawyers are taking too many examples from the 3 Stooges firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe rather than the Firm in John Grisham's novel.

So I wouldn't expect them to use any smart tactics in the way they go after you. Maybe they think they can get part of your income from the book sales, speaking engagement fees and t-shirt sales.

I would think you've got more options than a homeless man which is a different kind of freedom.

Detachment of being ready to let go of something is not the same as having nothing at all left to lose right?

I'm very Good at being Bad

Find your Inner Bunny

Complete Idiot

Madness takes its Toll so please have Exact Change

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc, enough of whining for the wrong reasons. You are free, but not because you have nothing or lost everything but because you have a lot and you gained more than something.
Your book is doing very well with your ingenious promo and marketing and that is buying you lot of $reedom. Besides you did not do badly while it lasted including the previous whistleblowing deal.
Hopefully you'll do well in the next round and will be FREE for ever as we all should be.
Yes ordinarly feedom is another word for nothing else to lose but even better when no one can touch you and you do as you please and not care or worry about the lawyers, CEO's and simply the rest of them.
I am conviced you are just about there if not already.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it was not "whining" but a message of the things to come, Doc becoming FREE, at least of his duty to blog. One wonders if one of the reason for it, might be his success in bringing the case against Pfizer to an end out of the court and this was a part of the deal. If that were a case an exciting end for the movie had to be "invented" to get them into the theatres or buy DVDs. Lets wait and see.
ps. Both versions are wonderful but the original no one can match.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

This is suddenly a very interesting discussion . . .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well since you can't stay away, as most of us, the fans, tell us if we getting warm? (as to wahat is really behind the suddent end). If so no one would object and if they, your oponenets were really smart, they would get on their knees and make deal.Or at least come to you with hat-in-hand (as this naonymous predicted months ago) and do the same. If this is so, even the end my not be bad for the hollywood for the victory of the underdog is what counts, and such victory would be just fine for the public.
As for sex and violence part, which is always needed in such movies, the boys you are talking to would come up with just enough, you can be sure.
Again, lets wait and see.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Oops. Yes, it is hard to stay away. I'm fighting the urge to go back in every day. Otherwise, no news . . .


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