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Zeitgeist Addendum: Money

Don't understand what is going on in the financial markets today?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a rather radical proposal.

Anyone supporting this is in danger of becoming a good person.

Blogger Erik said...

Hi Peter

How is money created in other countries, like sweden?

Thanks for a great site!


Blogger Peter Rost said...

Same as in the U.S.

Most countries have adopted this system.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik's question brings home another important point concerning this crisis. My accountant buddy and I were discussing this just the other night. Many people don't know much about money, investing and how the financial world really works. And it's not just the blue collar sector or those without college degrees, it's also white collar people with advanced degrees.

My parents were middle class and did okay for themselves, but they didn't know crap about money and how to invest. Of course this gets passed down to the kids. I spent years studying about money and finance on my own. And now I'm the one that family and friends come to for advice, lol.

So for people out there who are too embarrassed to admit to anyone that they don't know much about money or certain aspects of it, I say get online and find out as much as you can about it. Empower yourselves. There are a lot of good financial experts out there who have blogs and are willing to answer any questions you may have.


Anonymous fall baby fall 4 bnft of all said...

Personally I don't know much about the "money" which in this case is meant about the "investments". Investing today is very difucult and risky as we can see it, even today with DOW below 10K and falling. As I write this an expert on TV says "this is a wild and vicious market that will take 3-4 weeks to fall". How can an individual function in this and come ahead. Very hard and most of us would not even think to try it. Not me at least. As for what I think? I think this is GREAT. Just love it and ejoy watching it and thinking about all those greedy bastards that brought this about. They are getting the payback. Of course some who are relly smart and lucky got out with fortunes. While lot of "regular" people got burned. They also deserve it in a way for they too were after the unusual returns in 20-50%, unlike traditional returns that usually don't get you in trouble. As someone caled it, this is a casino market and as such deserves anything it gets. I could not care less and enjoy it more. Besides recessions or even depressions are just a normal faze in this crazy ciclical capitalism. It is like a fire in wilde forests that is very normal and useful for the health of it. Same with markets as long as we let them do everything without governmental control.
So baby keep falling we'll all benefit after.

Anonymous chantix said...

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