PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Watch Peter Rost in a debate on American Law Journal this Sunday.

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Peter Rost, M.D., is a former Pfizer Marketing Vice President providing services as a medical device and drug expert witness and pharmaceutical marketing expert. Judge Sanders: "The court agrees with defendants' view that Dr. Rost is a very adept and seasoned expert witness." He is also the author of Emergency Surgery, The Whistleblower and Killer Drug. You can reach him on rostpeter (insert symbol) Please read the terms of use agreement and privacy policy for this blog carefully.

Watch Peter Rost in a debate on American Law Journal this Sunday.

Faced with growing criticism, the pharmaceutical industry has adopted a new code of ethics. Will this self-policing increase consumer safety, improve the industry's relationship with doctors and ultimately stem legislation?

Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on CN8 The Comcast Network, The American Law Journal addresses "The Pharmaceutical Industry: Is A New Code of Ethics Enough?" Taped at the Drexel Unviersity Anthony J. Drexel Picture Gallery in Philadelphia, attorney host Christopher Naughton welcomes attorneys Stephen Sheller of Sheller, P.C., Raymond Williams of DLA Piper and former pharmacuetical executive Dr. Peter Rost.

The new code, among other items, limits gifts to doctors, imposes stricter speaking/consulting arrangements and requires stricter training of sales representatives. It does not, however, endorse divulging doctors' names or monetary remuneration pertaining to clinical trials.

"Pharmaceutical companies are reassessing their marketing technicques," says Williams. "It is as much about negative perception as it is about policy."

"The American public doesn't trust drug companies," says Rost, "and they have to do more than rehash old guidelines."

The American Law Journal broadcasts every Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. on CN8, The Comcast Network and is available free on demand--click here for the website.


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