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So I started to write about politics and this is what I got for it . . .

Writing about Palin has been about the most fun I've had lately, but seriously, the fact that each day there are two posts that keep thousands of people coming back, makes me wonder a bit . . .

Those two are (drum roll):

Sarah Palin photos McCain couldn't stop: Palin with automatic weapon, on a Harley, and in a hooker mini skirt.


Fake images of Sarah Palin is swamping the Internet.

Initially I was like, whatever, but seriously, are there really THAT many testosterone filled men out there who simply can't get enough of Palin and whatever she's wearing? Or is it the women checking out the competition?

I'm starting to think those $150,000 the RNC dropped on her clothing might just have been the best investment this campaign ever did.

Writing a blog and watching what people read is like getting a wake-up call about humanity.

And really, that wake-up call makes it pretty clear that the "distinction" between humans and animals is pretty much something humans have made up.

Anyway, fascinating to see that so many have so much interest in Sarah Palin's alleged mini skirts and leather skirts and Harley's and whatever fake pictures with Palin's head that might be out there.


Anonymous Pharma Giles said...

All this tells us is that men like looking at pretty girls. Nothing wrong with that - provided it's not used as a basis to select the next VP of the USA...

But why do I fear the worst...?


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