PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Today Dow had its biggest one-day percentage climb since March 15, 1933.

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Today Dow had its biggest one-day percentage climb since March 15, 1933.

Up 11%.

Still think the market is "rational" or more like a crazy casino?


Anonymous New market reality?? said...

Casino has nothing on this market. What we have here (just a theory) a group of market players, call them Unffetered Market Mafia (UMM), who have come up, devised, uncovered, designed, concocted, conceived,absolutely top secret way to play the market in such a way that only them are benefiting to unbelievable extent. Others do benefit and others do lose, just in "normal" market style the way it should be, but the UMM is playing the violin to which music the market dances and gives them all those unbelievable gains. Their secret way of market play, boosts the market at their command, so they sell high, then the market falls on their command and they buy low. Then... you get the picture. It is like Casino but they have a system the is 10000000000000000000% full proof and ONLY them know about it and as any good or should we say nasty mafia, they stick to their OMERTA. Since you and I are not "made" material we'll never make it into their circle, the governments will do what they must to keep us afloat but they can not break the OMERTA, now or ever. In fact they still think everything is above the board, but "rules" must be tightened.
Of course, as I said this is just a theory, but there must be something more to this "casino" market than just unfettered capitalism and "free" market. The "normal" market players and their clients be it individuals or institutions can not be possibly so stupid to go along with what has happened in the last few months and especially last week. There must be UMM at play. Believe it or not, we'll NEVER find out. Unless Donnie Brasco agrees to take them on and infiltrate them for few years. Anyone with his phone on file?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More like a crazy casino if you ask me:D
and thx for posting this,Keep up the good work!

Kevin Huffman

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