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Former US AstraZeneca CEO Lars Bildman: Craziest Big Pharma CEO Ever?

Make up your own mind about Lars Bildman, AstraZeneca's former CEO in the U.S.

Read how current AstraZeneca reps remember him here.

And read about how he was fired after making sex clubs part of doing business at Astra, here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I sense that you feel a kindred spirit there, Doc? Nah...I can't picture you in an orange suit somehow...

Anonymous swissinsider said...

First comment re bonuses; this is another indication how the big pharma is awashed in undeserved money that comes from two main sources; Extremely high prices and additionl revenue and profits from employing the misconduct Mo. The price factor is easy to understand. What is not commonly known that all those illegal, unethical, immoral and even criminal methods used by most big pharma are the source of enormous profits that come easy and are given out to everyone on their food chain, as a reward to have participated in one way or another in harvesting all that undeserved extra money. Astra is not the only big pharma co that gave out such bonuses. They usually come in after some massive effort to sell a drug to be used on massive scale. I suspect that was their Crestor the cholesterol drug. They sold it for every man, women and child in USA. At least that is what you and I would think by looking at their promotional efforts and misguided activities.
Secon: Astra was the original company to start employing the most beutiful femail sales rep as early as 25 years ago. They were onto something. It was a phenomenon that spread within big pharma as wilde fire. Today we see it everywhere and I for one just realised that Astra (now AZ) employed these girls not only to sell but to do other things for such p*gs as thier former CEO.
To those ladies who will take them to court I say GET THEM. We need to hurt them from all sides till they Bigpharmalnd is no longer big lala land for them.
You go girl!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Total crap. Your poor victimized girls are sluts who only worked for AZ long enough to marry a doctor. AZ is full of them right now. Read the blogs...all the reps there today complain that women come to work dressed like streetwalkers and throw themselves at the doctors they call on. Astra USA fired a large number of women for behaving that way. Poor Pamela Zortman who was the victim of the Business Week article....fired after having sex with another rep on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the pool.Spare me. The women who supposedly sued Astra for harrassment actually took a payoff from Mogren to unseat Bildman, and everyone knows it. They'd all been fired for cause. Not one went to court, and their allegations were thrown out like yesterday's dishwater. But the press loves a scandal...too bad its all bull.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy like a fox. The guy was brilliant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, the sexual harassment crap was totally made up. He got in Mogren's way and was set up. Mogren did this to 3 other execs in Sweden, and they laughed him out of court. Everyone in Sweden knows Mogren has been a butt-boy for the Wallenbergs since he was a pup, so he thinks so one can touch him. He's a national joke.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for Astra 92-95...Bildman gave his sales people huge rewards for great sales. He demanded a lot, but he gave us a lot. Best job I ever had.
Never saw him misbehave, other than a few too many cocktails. And most of us knew how good we had it. All the women who sued were girls who got fired or seriously reprimanded for poor performance or substance issues. He was always polite to me and I did well. I'm out of it now but I hear AZ is an unhappy place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Astra in the 90s...we were a force to be reckoned with. It's been crap since they ousted Bildman, Wonder where he ended up. Someone said he's a lawyer new!

Anonymous John said...

As someone who was very close to Mr. Bildman over a 4 year period, he had his issues like we all do but, provided a wonderful working enviroment for his employee's. I was with him during all of the events that occurred off site during my tenure. Each and every woman named in the Businessweek article never said no to his advances and willingly had relations with him. All the woman talked privately with me about the money they would get from Astra should he be exposed. Simply, in the business world and a a CEO at Astra...he was a genius. I was his Security Manager from 1992-1996.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say, I became friends with Lars years after the entire scandal unfolded. I always found him to be a complete gentleman and a very hospitable host when he would have me and my friends to his house. Although I have not seen him in some time, I wish him all the best!


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