PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Doesn't look like AstraZeneca policy allows pink cupcakes to patients . . .

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Doesn't look like AstraZeneca policy allows pink cupcakes to patients . . .

Here are the guidelines.

Am I missing something?

Or isn't the AstraZeneca's Pink Cupcake campaign, which is taking place RIGHT NOW for Mothers Day, violating AstraZeneca policy?

Read yourself:

According to the guidelines, meals can be provided to health care providers and staff only & all attendees must be listed on an expense report. Patient listings on AZ expense reports would be a serious HIPAA violation.

AstraZeneca Policy:

Standards for Providing Meals in Conjunction with Product or Informational Discussions

5.2 Attendees

5.2.1 Who can attend?

Onsite: Health care providers and staff who would benefit from the educational information being provided may be invited to attend. Because of the educational focus of these programs, spouses, other family members, and/or GUESTS MAY NOT ATTEND these discussions.
Expense Reimbursement Policy

11. Meals

Meals must be charged on the AMEX card whenever possible. Employees must use good business judgment and not incur lavish or extravagant expenses. Questions regarding this policy must be directed towards your line manager first, then, contact the Expense Reimbursement Department.

11.2 Business Meals

A business meal occurs when it takes place with clients, prospects, associates, or AstraZeneca employee(s) and a specific business discussion takes place. The most senior level AstraZeneca Employee in attendance must record the expenditure.

The IRS REQUIRES A COMPLETE LIST OF ATTENDEES, business relationship, and the business purpose in order to demonstrate the business nature of the expense. This documentation supports both the deductibility of the expense for the Company and the non-taxability of the reimbursement to the employee. This information must be included on the expense report form. The Original, itemized transaction receipt showing all items purchased must be included with the expense report. Tear tabs are not to be used as a receipt.

Expenses incurred for program meals or meals that are served at a company-sponsored event, such as a "Lunch and Learn," are reimbursable. These meals are considered business meals, and should be recorded as such.



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