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The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Pharma's biggest CEO goes for Hillary?"

Pharma's biggest CEO goes for Hillary?

Perhaps it was a secret hiding in plain sight. But Peter Rost at BrandweekNRX got our attention this morning by saying that Jeff Kindler at Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) not only contributes to Democrats but is a major supporter of Hillary Clinton for president. He bases this on a clear pattern of pro-Hillary campaign donations, and he poses this question:

Question is what this means as far as Hillary goes - if the big drug companies start to support her, she sure has come a long way since she tried to implement healthcare reform.

We also might wonder how this might play with other C-level pharma executives, who by and large are Republicans and support Repblicans, according to our experiences and a raft of research. Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE: MRK)'s CEO Dick Clark is a registered Republican in Montgomery County. So is Wyeth's R&D chief Bob Ruffolo. The list could go on. Them again, the political landscape for Big Pharma, of course, began changing last year with the Democratic takeover of the House. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The musicians change but the music remains the same. It sadly appears that Michael Moore wasn't far off at all about Hillary and the Dems . . . for both parties it seems to be about nothing but money and power and nobody gives a damn about people. Sad times . . .

*It's not just the Catholics who ever sold indulgences . . . it seems to be happening in every form of corrupt government today-- U.N., Iraq, India, Sudan, U.S., Russia, and everyone else with any power . . .


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