PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Pfizer lawyer Ronald Green loses $11.6 million trial (and more to come) in Knicks sexual harassment suit.

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Pfizer lawyer Ronald Green loses $11.6 million trial (and more to come) in Knicks sexual harassment suit.

Ronald Green is the guy with the name on the door of Epstein, Becker & Green. He is also the lead lawyer representing Pfizer against my wrongful termination complaint and the one who's taken all my depositions.

Mr. Green also represents Isiah Thomas, the coach of the New York Knicks, who was accused of sexually harassing a former team executive and the Madison Square Garden, the owner of the team, which was accused of improperly firing her for complaining about the unwanted advances.

According to the New York Times, the jury, in Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled that the former executive, Anucha Browne Sanders, is entitled to $11.6 million in punitive damages from the Garden and James L. Dolan, the chairman of Cablevision, the parent company of the Garden and the Knicks.

Of that figure, $6 million was awarded because of the hostile work environment Mr. Thomas was found to have created, and $5.6 million because Ms. Browne Sanders was fired for complaining about it. Mr. Dolan’s share is $3 million; the Garden is liable for the rest.

The judge will decide later on compensatory damages, covering actual economic harm suffered by Ms. Browne Sanders, like back pay and benefits.

”This is not about sexual harassment,” Mr. Green said. Instead, he said, it was about money.

Of course, this is what Mr. Green is paid to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This case is about money to those who understand nothing but money. How else do you punish and change the behavior of someone who doesn't care about anything other than money? Do you take away their lollipop or popsickle or their videogame time or their use of the car this weekend? Of course not! You take away money!!!

I think it's so funny when people who don't understand anything but money try to deal with people who are actually affected by things OTHER THAN money. Here you have a Pfizer-retained lawyer who thinks this is about money, not sexual harassment, because lost money is the only negative he can fathom. Similarly when someone like Michael Moore puts out his movie "Sicko" and the same drug and healthcare industry that Mr. Green represents can't effectively discredit him when Moore's and their entire audience can't be lied to about what they've actually experienced in monthly screw jobs by the drug, healthcare and insurance industries. So after discrediting him fails they then go after his profits by helping to get out pirated copies on the streets and internet that will "cut into his profits" and "that will show him!".

What a royal burn when Michael Moore's response was ecstatic joy because his motive in the movie was NOT PROFITS but was instead getting the message out and informing the public to help fix this f*#@ed up system America currently has for healthcare.

For industries and lawyers who do everything for money; who only put out messages for the purpose of those messages (whether true or false), lobbying efforts, lies and commercials is to increase profits, and literally EVERYTHING they do is about more and more profits-- finding joy in stealing the last crumb from the smallest mouse all to accumulate treasures too large for one person to ever spend in a dozen lifetimes . . . they just can't conceive of anyone suing or putting out a message on a broken healthcare system or speaking up about dangerous drugs being wrongly marketed for uses they've never been approved for in humans for some reason other than money.

They genuinely cannot conceive that any other motive exists for any other human being . . . it's unbelievable how stupid and blinded they are by their greed and love of money . . . and they therefore believe that all the rest of us can be made similarly stupid and blind because we couldn't possibly care about anything but money ourselves.

The whole thing is really quite an astounding phenomenon to watch play out . . . and will be a tremendous lesson to people like Mr. Green and the industries he's associated himself with as they slowly self-destruct all because they misunderstood and greatly underestimated their opponent. Militaries of great empires have been defeated for less . . .


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