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"Killer Drug is the night - very dark . . ." says the Evil One

The Evil One is at it again . . . he writes:

"Although whistleblowing figures prominently in both novels, the two are as different as night and day. Killer Drug is the night – very dark and lacking depth – whereas Big Pharma is the day – shedding light on real-world pharmaceutical marketing and sales practices."

Of course the fact that he is dissing my book is not a surprise, anything else would be a surprise. After all, this blogger was the only one who didn't "get" The Whistleblower and thought the book was better as a blog. Duh.

But what is interesting is that you can't read his review of Killer Drug on his blog. You have to sign up for his newsletter to read it.

"Don't miss it! Subscribe here. It's free!" he writes.

And so, he's shamelessly trying to gain subscribers off his attacks on my blood, sweat and tears.

The Evil One. He's out there, visiting every pharma blog and leaving his wretched comments behind.


Blogger Argon said...

I loved the "Drop Dead Fred" reference here. His stance was "I also comment on Rost's marketing tactics because this is what I do -- I comment on marketing. Duh!"

But I guess he's the "Evil One" because he claimed you had the less famous part "I also include other people's comments about the book (so it's not all about me or Nicole)" Maybe he wants to be Paris so bad to grab more of the attention.


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