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Counterfeit BMW

OK, we all know that China knocks off pretty much everything.

Like drugs and fake Viagra.

But now they're moving into the big league . . . knocking off cars. Below is the original BMW X5 and the Chinese copy.

Guess which one is which?

And there's more . . .

BMW is going hysterical, according to Forbes.

They will sue anyone who tries to import the fake BMW to Germany.

Karl Schloessl, the owner of independent importer China Automobile Deutschland said he knew nothing of the legal action, but said it might well help sales of the model.

We think Karl is right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal is. The real bmw looks far better than the knock-off.

It's not even close.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "China syndrome" is getting obviously worse. Without getting into the way we got here, starting with "opening of China", we are obviously in the serious trouble. Yes it was and it is the western businessman who is behind the transfer of capital and jobs to China but it is also the Chinese government that is heavily behind this phenomenon.
Especially them. They want it both ways. One they want our jobs to go to China where they are done by semi-slave lagour at pennies per hour, employed by crooked greedy local emplyers who also use the cheapest ingredients (Toys with lead paint, food with god knnows what in it and so on)
Second: They want us to accept millions of their people as emmigrants to our western countries and they use every aspect of western liberalism to get in. Our political correctness is one of the rules they just love to use. We talk amongst ourselves about the concernes we have with this issue of mass immigration from China but rarely anyone would tell it as it is in public or to authorities. The goverments go along with this for they serve the domestic employers with cheap labour which also keeps the vages low for the native workers.
So to say it politicly incorrectly, these people want our jobs to go to China so their local poor would have some work even if low payed and they also want our jobs here in the west so to put our middle class and poor out of work. Is this right? I don't think so and many feel the same but just are afraid to bring it up.
How long is this going to continue. The toys, the food, the doog food, the dollar store items, clothing, cars, airplaines, condos, housing,...everything?
Yes the "fake" BMW is not the same as the real and no one will by that piece of &^%$#@ instead of BMW but someone will buy it instead of German made VW or some other car and that will be just the begining of the end on car business the way we now it. Is there a way to stop this insenity? Someone please tell us.
Of course I must go anonymous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a novel idea: Many big pharma reps are bitching about the company cars they get to drive. Novartis reps come to mind with thier uproar over the Prius. Too small, too this too that.
Idea: Nofartus (as their own reps call it) could purchase thousands of China CWMB (think that is what they call them) by trading their pills for these so called cars, export them to all the countries they have bitching reps and have them drive these, what should we call them(?), pretend BMWs that will give them pretend luxury, pretend space, pretend prestige, pretend quality, pretend importance, PRETEND SAFETY and pretend you name it.
Since nothing sems to work for this Co nowdays (drugs recalled, WBer in-waiting and out) they can still project the pretend reputation, pretend integrity, pretend ethics, pretend altruism, pretend caring and pretend you name it.
What is most important thier reps will be pretend happy and will pretend to work well and sell those pretend quality products like Zelnorm, Prexige, Eledel,Leskol, Apligraf and you name it.Another happy day in BigPharmaland, pretend it.

Ps: some sources say that most everything in fake BMW is "Pretend", fake. The brakes, the airbags, the engine size and horsepower etc. For instance the airbags do not work and the idea is that the driver and pasangers would never know anyway, so it is not imoprtant to have them for real. It is like extension cord made in China, you buy in dollar store. you plug it in and it burns down your house.


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