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Impactiviti reveals the biggest merger in pharma blogging.

His post is Blockbuster Pharma Blogger Mega-merger Announced!

Don't miss it.

And don't miss John Mack's comments here. I note he gets up at 6 in the morning to start blogging. That's way too early for me.

But I also have some more serious thoughts on Steve Woodruff's announcement today. The fact is that most regular news are boring, so we bloggers sometimes have to jazz things up a bit. After all, less than 10% of people 30 and under read a daily newspaper, but they do read blogs.

My second thought is that competition for readers is heating up. The WSJ HealthBlog, which initially was very formal, is loosening up a bit, Pharmalot is featuring posts like "The Levitra Pen Rises To The Occasion," and Impactiviti is starting to have fun. Something must be going on in the blog world . . .


Blogger John Mack said...

Early bird catches the worm!

But it is possible to set the timestamp to anything you want before publishing a post, not that I do that!

I am not THAT evil!

Anonymous Steve Woodruff said...


As you well know, it takes any writer (including a blogger) a while to find his/her "voice", and feel comfortable in the saddle. As I noted in a comment over at the Egosphere (oops!) Blogosphere, the humorous side has been there all along, but I've probably subdued it for far too long.

I'm feeling more comfortable now taking on controversial topics, letting some opinions fly, and hacking around a bit. Why not? The beauty of blogging is that it's not just "objective content" - the message AND the messenger are wrapped up together!

- The non-Swede


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