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Student at UF getting tased when asking Kerry a question

So what's up here? You be the judge.

FOX News has the following take and this is what the New York Times writes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Both links go to the Fox ("We distort, You Deride") news article.

The Fox story checks out (Meyer's web page they refer to is at but as usual they put an ugly spin on it. I watched Meyer's vids and though they were mildly funny.

As for the incident, Kerry was handling him pretty well until the cops stepped in. Meyer was loud and obnoxious but not threatening. The force used was far in excess of what was required.

Ah well, that says all you need to know about GWB's America...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech (particularly focusing on political free speech), the right to peaceably assemble, the constitutional compromise in 1787 that ensured these would be added as part of a "bill of rights" (ratified in 1791) . . . does any of this mean anything anymore???

Bush has certainly taken us into an unprecedented era of dictatorial fascism that our country has never seen, but what kind of man is John Kerry to stand by and say and do nothing while a fellow citizen not threatening anyone in the room with 50,000 volts is tasered with 50,000 volts (the law and directives to every police department in the country allow officers only to use force commensurate with the threat, and these officers should not only be fired, but should be sued for battery under title 42 subsection 1983 of the U.S. Code).

While hearing his pleadings of "what did I do?" and repeated cries for "help me!" I wouldn't have stood by as just someone in the audience. But, if the only person he was even "disturbing" (John Kerry) had had a rat's ass worth of integrity, compassion, concern for the first amendment (fill in whatever else you'd like here) . . . the officers would have quickly heeded his request to stop.

Is this the kind of man, hero and patriot that "three-purple-heart-Kerry" is???

I've really grown to disdain Bush/Cheney and what they've done to the constitution, the cronyism, etc., etc. . . . but I can't tell that John Kerry is one damn bit better.

Our nation really has much better people than this. Why do we continue to select such sleeze as our only options to vote for???

I'm sorely upset with the officers here AND John Kerry. I hope Meyer is able to successfully sue and that there's some justice for both he and the officers. The first amendment matters, and tasers have been just as deadly as firearms in too many cases. This is just pathetic!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is, indeed, freedom of speech. In the case of a presentation, such as by Mr. Kerry in this case, that goes both ways. It appears that Mr. Meyer kept on talking and talking, and was heard already, yet kept talking, and loudly as well. There was an audience, which also had some rights, I assume. Did they come to hear Mr. Kerry, or to hear Andrew Meyer? Freedom of speech does not, in my opinion, include preventing the speech of another, and that may have been what Andrew Meyer was in effect doing. That said, the tasering was totally out of line and out of proportion.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed watching "Taser Boy" getting his 15 minutes of notariety. If you want to laugh until you cry over this, connect to Dori Monson's site at KIRO in Seattle to see this video clip edited into Led Zepplin. Will "Taser Boy" be part of the re-union concert? Hmmm....


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