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I think it is time to change Question Authority. Seriously.

I mean, I haven't gotten any new whistleblower stories in a while. And Ed Silverman is digging up new, cool stuff every day, and I just don't feel like reading the NEJM as much as he does. Or find out the latest details about Merck.

And, isn't just doing pharma blogging a bit boring?

I think PharmaGossip has understood that. As soon as Jack gets bored, he throws in something that is simply entertaining.

I mean, I can write about pharma stuff on BrandweekNRX. In fact, I have to. Well, maybe not have to, because when the pharma news is simply too boring I do throw in a nekkid president Putin. And try to make the connection with the pharma world by mentioning Viagra.

At least I already know what I'm going to post on BrandweekNRX on Monday. A post supportive of the drug industry. The world's best drug ad. No kidding.


Anonymous socrates said...

Hey Dr. Rost, I think you are on to something. You can focus in on the big pharma stuff at the other place. Here, maybe do a bit pharma, but less technical for us regular folks.

I liked you at the HuffPost. You had the nerve to expose trolls.

It'd be nice to get some conversation going here. Check this out. There is this guy named Steven Hertzberg, Director of Election Science Institute. He has been running around all over the net astroturfing for Ron Paul. He has also been spending plenty o' time at some obscure, nutjob, conspiracy forum. This was the dude hired by Ohio to say audit schmaudit and we don't need no stinking paper trails.

Not saying I am against conspiracies being true. Just takes two people right? Well, this is about right wooing left sir. There was a time when groovy libertarians or whatever label you can be given could relate and vice versa to hippy punk peaceniks like me.

Maybe this can be your down to earth, we the people blog, where we transcend all the labels and just spit it out.

Steven Hertzberg.
You know it!

Hey, Dr. Rost, I think every website shouldn't be allowed to hide behind a proxy unless it is a dumbass like me with a small forum. These websites are hiding behind, Bob Parsons who likes to shoot elephants.

One time I found an obscure tinfoil website. It goes back to XO Communications, a place put together by a Bob McCaw. XO gets govt. contracts, works with businesses. There is widespread disinfo being put out for nefarious reasons. The internet has been deliberately turned into a divide and conquer, everything is an enigma, zoo.

Did you know that DailyKos worked for the CIA, same as with Anderson Cooper? What's up with Hitchens and Huffington changing their acts so dramatically over the years.

No more war.
No more bs.

Peter Rost for President!


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