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Upset Pfizer Investors Posting on YouTube

Here is their creation, called "The Unexpected." (Translation).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After that stock price drop . . those emotions are understandable.

Blogger beeta said...

I have noticed that most of your recent posts have gotten less than 3 comments (even the one about the most popular posts).
Do you feel like starting a long string of comments?
How about talking about the Baker/Hamilton Report?
It even pretains to the main subject of your posts (well sort os, like finding the root causes, as oppose to stating the facts and ignoring the VERY BIG ELEPHANT in the room).
79 or is it 78 recommendations..... and most of it looks like GW is roast.
But since most American main stream media is in the pocket of big Pharma (ooops.....big business), one ought to look at the fine print (very carefully).
The very fine print (recommendation # ?) states that Iraq has to privatize its oil industry (or else they will invite the wrath of the US) and that recommendation has to be put in the new constitution of Iraq, or else the US will withdraw its forces and refuses to give any kind of aid to any Iraqi government (as if the Iraqis care about that).
So, the big question finally has an answer!
Why did we invade Iraq?
We want the Iraqi oil production to be privatized (as in Exxon and Chevron own it as oppose to the Iraqi people).
Now, you may ask, why should you or anyone else that frequents this website care about that (aside from trying to figure out what the hell is US doing around the world).
The answer is......drumroll...
The Repubs have given the Oil Industry and the Pharma Industry ( not to mention several other minor Industries)a free pass to exploit the American public.
If GW and the Baker Group (you know he was directly responsible for putting GW in his current position,Florida vote contest of 2000)can pull the US out of this mess, the Pharma and Oil Industry will enjoy a few more years of exploiting the American public.
However, if the Iraqi government (no one knows whose puppet the new strong man in Iraq going to be)does not comply with the recommendations of the Baker/Hamilton group, Pharma and Oil needs to find a corner to hide in.
Not that I put any hopes in the Democratic party (they are just another pun in deep pockets of money), but I do put my money on the American people who showed the government that their votes amount to sonmething!

Blogger MsMelody said...

Beeta thinks you need "discussion" material. How about this (and you can stay within the industry): is there any pharma industry here in the U.S. that gets away with anti-trust violations (not patent protection) like Eli Lilly has?

THERE marketing focus involved the removal from the U.S. market of natural (animal) insulin--which was unpatentable. They shoved their rDNA insulin(patentable, patented, and very profitable) down the consumer's throats. Now, when some consumers have myriad problems with the rDNA product, the OLD product (which Lilly withdrew from the market) is unavailable. Not only is it unavailable, because it is no longer available, anyone new player who might want to enter the market will get to jump through the hoops of NDA process. So a drug that was available over-the-counter for decades will have to go through clinical trials, provide research, etc.

Complaints to the government (when insulin was removed) resulted in their pro-capital claim: We (govt) can't MAKE a producer continue to market a drug they no longer want to produce. While it would appear the FTC or Justice Department might want to look at monopolistic practices, Lilly can show they are not a monopoly. Novo Nordisk also provides insulin to the U.S. market (albeit, they, too, no longer offer natural insulin--only rDNA).

The only natural insulin "allowed" in the US market must be obtained through a complicated "personal importation" process--unless you are a cat or dog. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our beloved pets still have "limited" access to natural insulins. Perhaps if/when veterinarians have no choice for treating Fluffy's or Rover's diabetes but patented, genetically-engineered human insulin analogs, our citizenry may find a voice.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Naaaah. I don't need discussion material. Not with such a video!

Blogger beeta said...

You are the BOSS (of this blog at least), so what you want is the rule!
I'd like to give you a complement, if I may!
There isn't any other website, where I can say what I want, or what I think (even if it is not recieved well)as much as this blog.
Which means that your site is my favorite site, not because it gives me all the INFO I want, but because it is HOME!
Everyone needs a home, even in cyberspace(somewhere that you feel safe and you feel you belong and you feel that you are loved regardless of shortcomings).
You Peter, have a nack for gathering people of different backgrounds and goals under an umberella of common sense!
Peter, I love you so (warning to your wife: I love your husband's cyberspace persona, and do not wish any other contanct specially one that threatens your marriage)!
Not that I was worried about her!
If she is married to you and has supported you thru all this, you aught to keep her!
Stay as you are. You are all that, really!

Blogger Peter Rost said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inte så värst!


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