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Miss USA: The Wolf in the Henhouse.

The master of personal PR just held a press conference. I’m talking about the Donald, of course.

So here we have a guy who’s been married . . . how many times?

And who has fathered . . . how many children, with how many women?

Not counting the women he didn’t marry and didn’t, well, procreate with.

And . . . he was supposed to be the judge of the 21-year old Miss USA, who had allegedly been out partying in New York; perhaps not so allegedly, but anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all that enamored with her defense of “small town girl blinded by the flashing lights in the big city.” I don’t quite buy that part.

Miss USA had allegedly also kissed Miss Teen USA and brought home boys to her Trump apartment. As someone who doesn’t watch any “Miss thing,” I am, of course, at this point also completely confused. Just how many “Miss” competitions are there? Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss Teen? I’m just surprised Trump hasn’t emblazoned his name on one of those things and made it the “Miss Trump” contest. But I guess his third wife may object.

"I wouldn't say that I am an alcoholic. That would be pushing the envelope a little bit," Ms. Conner said. "I don't have a problem with anything like that." She said. But off to “rehab” Miss USA now goes.

Is rehab the new asylum of our time? I mean, in the past if a woman misbehaved she was dropped off somewhere in a convent far away, where no one could see here. That happened into 1996 in Ireland, documented in the amazing movie “The Magdalena Sisters.” Women were locked up after having babies out of wedlock, forced to do hard labor for the nuns.

But today, if someone has made a fool of himself it is off to “rehab.” When Mel Gibson uttered anti-Semitic remarks to Malibu police, off to rehab he went. That was substance abuse rehab, not, “thou shalt love all people equally rehab.”

But ten years from now, there may actually be some California ashram capitalizing on this trend. After all, making racist comments in LA appears to have become an epidemic, at least if you watch Entertainment News. Which I don’t, of course.

But back to Miss USA: She was out drinking and stained that $17,000 tiara. So off to rehab she goes. Meanwhile, that led to me finding out that Trump is in charge of Miss USA. By the way, isn’t that like the wolf being in charge of the henhouse? I’m just asking.

After all, it doesn’t appear to be quite right to have Mr. Trump responsible for the moral standards of a new generation does it? When wolfish, serial-marrying billionaires have become the public guardians of the virtue of young women, then I would think we have probably arrived at a new low-point when it comes to public hypocrisy, made right here in the USA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the Donald, read this:
Yes, whose behavior is reckless???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is new is NOT the utterances of Mr. Trump, or old men applying standards to young women, and all women for that matter, they would not dream of adhering to themselves. No, what is NEW is you, Peter Rost, and women like Rosie, whatisher name, finally saying, Now, WAIT a minute!!!!

Finally, there is a little, tiny, very small, tear opening up for American women, in this "free" society. To me, as a former European, it never felt very free here. There is a lot of self righteous judgement on everything, from morality, to racism, to anything and everything in between, especially "others' " religions. The discourse is opening, finally, with Paula Zahn's programs, with Rosie's comment, with your observations. People act and retaliate against others based on their self righteous judgement, and facts are not even needed, impression is enough. Not belonging to the right "church" is enough. Not belonging to any "church", that is, by definition "satanic".

That said, I am not for gay marriage, and a number of other issues. But I am for openness, and allowing others the right to differ with my views and their right to act on it, vote on it, and to voice their opinions, plus I will hear what they have to say.

We, women, hold enormous power, and we have to use it wisely. We have led ourselves astray with "women's lib", which is no lib at all, but enslavement. Without us, women, there would not be other women, there would be no men, there would be no children and there would be no future.

Yes, I am one woman, fed up with wolvish "men" telling women what shape they have to be in this year - this year they have decided a cherry butt is appropriate, and next year they will go for a juicy pear - how much we can weigh, what hoops we have to jump through for them to marry us, and then the increasing tricks and jumps we have to perform for them to remain married to us, maybe, if we behave, and are nice, and "please" them, and tolerate their various ..what used to be called "concubines". I was already, and many, many women, were already. We work but earn 27% less than men for the same position, responsibilities, etc. Then we come home, take care of the kids, the house, "him", the finances, and after that, at bedtime, we get to play another role, and we better be up on the latest "tricks". They will marry each other, but not women, because "why buy the cow, when the milk is free". We need a reality check, men, of course, earth needs to call them down - but, we, women are the earth, in us grows the seed, we provide the nourishment and the seasons, the feasts, the color and the abundance - but especially women. That guy was, not so long ago, a little boy, some woman may have had to spank his butt, and without a woman there is no offspring to continue his seed and his name. Time to retake our power and put a stop to men's out of bounds behaviors and bombast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 1, please check your link, I wanted to see it, but it does not exist?

Anonymous Alex said...


Methinks we should fire all the pageant officials and let the girls be girls. Besides. We all know that the prim and proper appearance is only a facade.

Miss Nevada was stripped of her crown for having some fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Leslie B. Raschka, M.D. Sorry I don't know how to make links work in eblogger. But if I highlight the link and press control c and open google and put the curser on the address line and then press control v it works for me.

The information in this old paper is really revolutionary, something that the Pharmaceutical Industry must pay a fortune too woo scientists etc. to keep below the radar. It's kept out of text books too. They have been keeping it below the radar for many, many years. They do a great job spinning it.
They train the epidemiologists through the CDC Foundation, Pfizer Foundation. To quote Rost's book: "The pharmaceutical industry has done a great job in supporting various"patient advocacy groups," and once they are beholden to the industry these organizations do the industry's bidding." They never tell you that there is a link found by research between the age of the father at a daughter's birth and her risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer. This study was done in Korea. There are many papers on many different chronic conditions that are also directly related, including some Alzheimer's.

Most people they are able to shut-up by buying them off. These people are the in crowd.

The NIH does not fund researchers who are interested in when apoptosis does not work anymore in sperm. They have great PR pieces with Katie Couric to promote older men's procreation to keep business coming their way and they project great markets for their drugs for years to come. How can they be so sure, well lets keep paternal age rising and we'll have more and more very sick people. I'll leave it here and not go into which diseases. Anonymous 2 I hope you find the link.

Anonymous Lesley said...

Peter you took the words right out of my mouth on this one!

Reading the story earlier I felt a great deal of cognitive dissonance. The Donald telling a young girl to go to rehab?

And why did her behavior warrant rehad when Miss Nevada's behavior which was something she did in the past anyway become reason enough for her to lose the crown. Methinks there is something fishy going on!!

What do we do to the Donald if we hear in a couple years time that he is keeping Miss Tara as his mistress or that his 3rd wife is divorcing him because of his affair with her? Hmmmmmmm

Like you said this is like the proverbial wolf being in charge of the hen house. Humph!

Blogger Moogirl said...

Trump is the most arrogant, repugnant, vacuous, human being. I heard he called Rosie O’ Donald fat and ugly.

Funny, all this time I thought he had enough money to purchase a mirror...

Blogger concerned heart said...

The link I recommended in comment one only works sporadically, sorry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the beijing link is down if anyone wants to read the link mentioned in the first comment try this link.


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