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As we approach another holiday season, it may be appropriate to reflect on life.

For most of us the holidays coming up mean spending time with friends and family.

And for many, friends and family are what really counts.

So how do we win those lifelong friends and live happily with them ever after?

First, it’s important to agree with people if you want them to become your friend. You should preferably like the same things and the same people. But research has shown that even more important than agreeing with people and liking the same things, is to dislike the same things. Apparently the common bond created by disliking something or someone is more important than the bond created by liking someone.

Perhaps this is some remnant from the caveman instincts that permitted the group to survive at the expense of other people and other groups. And perhaps, to a certain extent, that explains nationalism and why so many atrocities have been committed against anyone who is different from ourselves; whether it relates to color, religion or geography.

So, as we enter the holiday season—and please note that I use the politically correct terminology—perhaps we should all reflect upon what and whom we like and enjoy in life, rather than what we dislike. Then again, if we really want to bond and make friends for life, a small dose of antagonism is likely to do the trick.

I know that worked for me at the age of eight, when I first met my future wife. I still clearly remember that we both agreed that we hated to eat soup. And here we are, still together, almost forty years later. But of course, our taste buds have developed; and now we enjoy both tomato and potato soups—any other soup is still banned.

Happy holidays!


Blogger Sam said...

Doctor Rost,

Any thoughts on Hank McKinnell's early replacement this week by Jeff Kindler as Chairman in addition to CEO?

Also, just because Hank's getting out early I hope that is not removing him as a highly pursued defendant in your wrongful termination suit against not just Pfizer but those specific officers personally. (I'd be very sad to see eventual justice denied simply because ol' Hank took his golden parachute and went home early.)

You're our one chance and champion for justice there, doc, since it doesn't appear that the justice department (or in this case, lack thereof) is going to seek to take him down or pursue him when he's gone.

Keep up the good fight on behalf of all of us, doc!

And, as for the talk show, just don't lose who and what you currently are and I think your show would be fantastic. Perhaps keeping the blog going simultaneously would help to keep you as you are and thereby help the talkshow to thrive, without producers, sponsors and life changing you from the champion you currently are.


Associated Press
Pfizer Names Kindler As New Chairman
by THERESA AGOVINO 12.18.06, 6:00 PM ET
Pfizer Inc. said Monday Chief Executive Jeffrey B. Kindler will also become chairman on Tuesday as the world's largest company raised its first-quarter dividend 21 percent to mollify shareholders after the stock fell sharply in the wake of the failure of a key drug.
Analysts were expecting a major dividend hike to help prop up Pfizer (nyse: PFE - news - people ) stock, which swooned earlier this month after the company said it was halting development of cholesterol drug torcetrapib because of safety concerns.
The new dividend gives Pfizer a 4.5 percent yield based on Monday's closing stock price, the industry's largest, which should help put a floor on the stock, according to John LeCroy (nasdaq: LCRY - news - people ), an analyst at Natexis Bleichroeder Inc. The yield is the amount of dividends paid over a year divided by the stock's price.
Kindler will replace Hank McKinnell, who was not slated to leave until February. McKinnell vacated the CEO spot in July, 19 months before schedule, under pressure from investors angered over his $83 million retirement package and an approximately 40 percent slide in the company's stock price during his five years in charge.
"What's the difference about McKinnell? He was out of the picture anyway," said Deutsche Bank (nyse: DB - news - people ) analyst Barbara Ryan.
Pfizer upped its first-quarter dividend to 29 cents from 24 cents. The dividend is payable March 6 to shareholders of record on Feb. 9.
Now analysts are awaiting the details of a restructuring plan Pfizer has promised to disclose at the beginning of next year. The drug maker had said it was planning a major overhaul before the torcetrapib fiasco but pledged even bigger changes after it scrapped development of the star of its product pipeline.
"I have no idea what kind of cuts they'll make, but they will be big," LeCroy said. Pfizer is facing slow growth because of numerous patent expirations and was counting on torcetrapib to replace the revenue from its biggest-selling drug, cholesterol treatment Lipitor, when it loses exclusivity, which could happen in 2010.
"In times of slow growth it is good to have a high dividend," said LeCroy.
Shares of Pfizer gained 21 cents to $26.04 in after-hours electronic trading, following a gain of 19 cents to close at $25.83 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a good recipe for potato and zuchini soup, Italian style. Want to broaden your horizons a little? Have you tried hungarian soup? Come on now. Just two soups, that is so disappointing. And it did not prevent you from getting in a soup in any case, now did it?

The politically correct terminology has changed. It is NOT happy holidays. It is MERRY Christmas! Just check Lou Dobbs @ All the rest is bah, humbug! Lou can get worked up, so, do not provoke him.

Anonymous shade said...

Uniting people through mutual dislike is the reason gay marriage is brought up any time something goes wrong in the government. Apparently gay hatred can even bring together muslims and jews!

God Jul to you and yours!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friends are people who will argue with you and mock your opinions and then have a beer and laugh with you after the argument. I'd hate to be surrounded by folks that agreed with all my likes and dislikes. In fact, I'd be worried. I get to believe in some pretty weird things sometimes, and rely on friends to tell me that I'm an idiot and keep me grounded in reality...

You view of what makes a friend seems a bit workplace orientated to me. Hvaing common likes and dislikes just seems like a way of avoiding disciplinary hearings.

But maybe I'm just an idiot...

Anonymous Alex said...


I take it that Pfizer won't be getting a xmas card from you? ;)

Blogger Moogirl said...

I agree with Pharma Giles. My best friends have always been the ones who liked me in spite of myself. And the ones I cherished the most were the ones who loved me enough to tell me I was being a jerk. I think it’s about personality, not likes and dislikes.

And MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or Hanukah. Or Kwanza. That’s what it is. You can tell people to have a good holiday, but you should wish them a Merry/Happy whatever.

It IS Christmas…have a merry one!


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